Truth, what is truth? What’s your definition of truth? Please, do not get confused as I start jotting my thoughts in this way, this very time.

Moments of Truth is just not an average story written by some average guy. It is  motivating story that ends up in self-realization and highlights the importance of accepting and facing the reality of truth in our lives.

We all bear the burden of our share of hidden truths (DO NOT READ it as FALSE BELIEFS). Nimish, the author guides his readers to meet head-on with such truths as the right moment comes!

This is the story of Arjun Mehta who has recently accepted his love for Shruti. The story builds up as he proposes her for marriage but demands a wait of months during which period, he was going to be non -approachable. This suspense bothers Shruti but she succumbs to her love, with a belief that he will unveil what is hidden. Three months later, he returns. She is elated about their reunion but he is not back with the answers to her questions. Rather, he has a whole new lot of mysteries waiting to be unbundled from the past.

What and why is he hiding from her? What or whom is he searching for? Tred along with the couple as they restart their journey from his B-school and revive the moments of truth from his college life. Will the questions be answered or will the author present with more puzzles to be solved?

Nimish, himself was an engineering student (completed his engineering and MBA as well) and he has tactfully caught hold of the nerves of the students of this age group. The first crush, the aspirations, the success, the failure, the milestones, the friendship,  the love – all the colors brought together to paint the rainbow of life.

As I stated earlier, this is not just an average college oriented love story. This is a meaningful story, which is guided with a purpose and a re-purpose. A story which is not merely written for some entertainment or enlightment but a journey beheaded towards self-realization.

Rediscover yourself yet one more time with Arjun Mehta and Nimish Tanna to give a purpose to your living in order to re-purpose your life.


A book that should be read by all college-going students and teenagers. A perfect companion during colorful college days and during long unending hours in college libraries