Dream’s Sake by Jyoti Arora is a roller coaster completly emotiinal ride towards achieving dreams.

Battles always surround us, either physically or mentally. Physical battles happen, leave a scar and life moves on but mental battles are more fatal. They exhaust the warriors not only physically but mentally as well. Many times these mental battles are fought within the confines of our brains and often witnessed through – Dreams.

Yes, dreams are extensions of our thoughts, our dilemmas and our fights with ourselves and sometimes wuth our beloved and friends as well. Dream’s sake is one such story where all the ingredients of life – friendship,love, trust, care, compassion, betrayl, revenge and sacrifice meet at the crossroads of life.

This story is about Aashi and her friends – Abhi, Priyam and Sid. Abhi and Priyam are siblings whereas Sid is a friend of Abhi. All three are grief striken with their past but life restarts its course of action as Aashi enters with her own share of griefs and a past. All four being young and vivacious have their set of dreams which they wish to fulfill. The story is a meshwork of their emotional journey as they head forward and destine their fates for Dream’s sake.

Handling such a complex mesh of emotions and behaviors within limited number of pages is not a work of an amateur. One needs to have that eye and heart. Surprisingly, this comes as the debut novel from the author, Jyoti Arora. She is young in person and in book writing as well but is strong enough to give hard times to fellows and veterans for sure. I guess her qualifucation as a P.G. in English Literature and Applied Psychology arms her with the mighty intellect.

The plot is gripping and close to reality and hence no extra efforts required to visualize and emphathise with well-etched characters. Stories are all around us, this one belongs to this very space. We need to identify our stories and roles within. This story leaves you being more lovable and compassionate.

I conclude this review with a few words from the author herself; “Hope and despair fight a battle. Guilt rises up and resent the forgiveness. Revenge weaves a web. Friendship is tested. And love demands a sacrifice . A tumultous battle wages on…”.