Murder – Is it really an act of cowards?

Doesn’t it requires all the strength to plan and plot? What about the courage to stand tall in front of the target and what about the force required to implement the act? It is a heavy and tiresome task. One has to bear the burden of past, the heaviness of silent present and tiring journey that lies ahead…

Shudn’t the murderer be happy after easing off the burden from blocked mind? Yes, of course. It is posdible because the target has been happily murdered! Read on as Rasleen, the author murders her protagonist right on the first page and leaves you with a mystery filled crime thriller story of a family where everyone is being scrutinized under an eye if suspison.

A crime thriller or a murder mystery, whatever you say it; but can a female writer really pull off this genre? Of course she can and why not? Yes, she did it. Being herself a mystery addict who happily seeks out a veiled detective behind her tresses in her everyday life, Rasleen digs into a murder of a newlywed – Gulab.

The story starts, as Gulab is enjoying her time. She is at peace and she is happy. She has to be because she has all the reason to be happy. She is married to her love. But, the story takes a twist as she fells down loosing her senses only to be discovered lifeless, the next morning. She is dead but she is happy and she is at peace…she is happily murdered!

Who the murderer is?

Each and every single family person is eyeing and spying on the other for sparing themselves from the stigma of being tagged as a murderer. An interesting plot wherein all relations are on stake to find out who is behind this? Is he the husband who is the beneficiary of Gulab’s share of wealth after her demise or is she her jealous family friend who was engaged to Gulab’s husband, earlier? Is he her former love (who happens to be a family friend) or is she her adamant sister-in-law who doesn’t like her at all? Can there be a possibility of some outsider’s hand or is it some rare of the rarest cases where in in-laws are altogether against the new bride?

Is it anways possible that she herself took her life; atleast investgation negates this theory as well. The extravagence of the family, the betrayl of love friendship, the revenge of lost love and height of forgiveness; there is much more than this in this feast.

Rasleen shines as a promising author of the times. If this is her level of committment towards her passion then she has much more to conquer and I am confident that she will be able to do it, easily and with poise.

There are numerous factors that keep you binded with the story: the narration style, the plot, the character sketching, the mystery, the speculations, the calculations, the hidden facts…I may go on but the fact is true that you will be able to appreciate only if you five yourself into the story.

I happily admit it to be one of my favorites. Highly recommemded especially for those who live family drama and mystery thriller.

Not be missed! A powerful script to be enacted as a teleserial. 🙂