Academic books, are generally considered to be a boring compilation of repeatitive and not so easily understandable concepts and theories.

As the grade level increases the complexity increases; leaving behind a pile of unanswered questions and an option to cram it up all and pass the exams. Is this the actual purpose of writing a book? Is this the (real) purpose of imparting education?

Definitely NOT. Ironically, not many books are capable of strengthening the basics with clarity while maintaining the interests of the readers. Will this approach, this method or this definition even change? Luckily, the process has begun.

J.U.I.C.E. is one such interesting attempt to fill-up the lacunae between theory and practical in our education system. With this, he attends to the learning needs of the change makers of tommorrow.

Mohit Jain is also an experienced faculty. His methodology and approach is easily understandable and can be put into practical use with ease. This book is yet his one more attempt to bring change in education, a change in age old norms. This work rests on the concept of teaching management theories with practical examples using stories. Are you catching up?

Stories have always fascinated the readers and listeners since the time immemorial. Mohit mixes the sweetness of stories in bland academic subjects with the  flavors of ‘Management’ and ‘Economics’ in order to serve you with J.U.I.C.E! Check this book out to decipher, what this acronym unveils. Worth an attempt.

This is my second attempt in reviewing Mohit Jain’s work and I am on my way, refreshing my studied concepts with each turning page. I have myself headed a content development team for management books and thus, am aware of challenges and risks involved. It’s a proof of his innovatively creative thoughts and consistent dedication.

I wish I was introduced to him during my studying phase. I am a double post-graduate with a degree in pure sciences and another in management. I am confident that if I had been armed with his books during those days, I could have scored more. 😦

His teaching technique empowers the students to attain knowledge in these subjects from a different perspective and mentors them to stretch their limited limits.

The book cover is attractive and thoughtful. A martini glass filled up with what all you are going to relish in this drink!

The ingredients (read it as table of contents) of J.U.I.C.E. include:

I- Marketing

– Direct Marketing: 8 pages

– 4Ds of Marketing Mix: 10 pages

– 4S of Rural Marketing Signals: 24 pages

– Don’t lie, Hide the Truth: 10 pages

– In Search of Brand Identity: 24 pages

II – Economics

– What is Economics?: 12 pages

– My Mother is the best Economist: 12 pages

– Taking about Central Problems: 10 pages

– Economics in Advertisement: 12 pages

– Perfect Competition is a Model: 18 pages

Juice up your studies with the latest from the author.

A juicy collection of about 140 pages that will add flavors to your otherwise bland studies.

Highly recommended!