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Title: I, Me and Her Forever I, Me and Her

Author: Pritam Banerjee

ISBN: 9789382303350

Publisher: Smriti Publishers

My review:

I, Me and Her Forever, is a timeless story from the pen of a debutant author Pritam Banerjee.

Why I state it to be a timeless story? It is because, it is about love, about bonding and an unconditional relationship called friendship. These colors of life are always timeless. Since ages, writers have been writing about love, creating bonds between loving hearts and nurturing relationships through ink and papers and this is one such attempt from the author, inspired by real life incidents.

This story is about Abhishek Banerjee and how love comes knocking door at his heart and how his friends stand tall with him thorough his lows and highs. He is an emotional guy who like any guy is ambitious but somewhat adamant, egoistic and carries a lot of attitude. To make it yet more complex, he is a short—tempered person, a trait that was expected based on those mentioned in previous lines. He has completed his eleventh standard and is stepping into the ‘YOUNG’ age, which is at times referred to as ‘DIGITAL’ age. He gets exposed to internet and experiences lot of exposure, including friendship with females and checking out with desperate females as well.

This cobweb extends physically into his practical life as well. He extends his friendship with fellow female friends and gets introduced to ‘what seems to be’ his love of life – Meghna Biswas. Despite of objections and alerts from his friends he beheads towards her and the story progresses as their discussions take shape of dialogues and get transformed into confrontations.

The author has adopted a conversational style of writing. The dialogues overpowered the paragraphs. As the story is based around internet driven social websites, they form an integral part of the script and he has brought them to an utmost use. He has focused the writing to his viewpoint i.e. viewpoint of a male protagonist. How he thinks, how he vouches for love and how he boasts about his belongings in his friend circle. At times, I found him (Abhishek) to be very rude while Meghna, who was a strong headed girl, was a committed dove. The story develops as the tug of war continues between two strong heads.

What sort of person, Abhishek is? What makes him turn rude towards Meghna? Isn’t he satisfied with her love? What is the reason of friction between the two? What role does internet play in their love life? These are the questions that drive the readers to take plunge.

This story highlights the mistakes committed in an adoloscent age (unknowingly). This is the phase of life wherein the individual is in a metamorphical state of mind and body as well. The author has caught hold of the emotions very tightly. This would help readers to understand how do neurons work at this hour of need. It will be a lesson for youngsters to hold their emotions and direct them in right direction.

Though, personally speaking (in my personal opinion), I think that a few cozy instances could have been omitted but with due respect to author’s intentions, I take them in stride. Another, aspect that could have been taken care of that is the second part (about the overcoming of Abhishek’s setback) of the story. It would have been more effective and inspirational for the young readers about what he went through during that phase and what made him decide upon the actual deeds. Last but not the least the book cover really doesn’t goes with the story or the theme. The scenic image is beautiful but is a disconnect.

About the book

It’s all about Abhishek and Meghna, two teenagers in a fast paced world and highly advanced technologies, Facebook, that they knew each other and in due course of time they fell in love unexpectedly.

Abhishek, a student of St. Orient High School, never believed in relationships as to him real love never happened in this world. He was a career-oriented boy who always remained busy with his own life.

Meghna, a student of Ashu Memorial School for Girls, was a charming young girl who never trusted boys as she had lost faith in them due to a betrayal.

Two worlds in two persons, where relationship gets stronger, they were devoted and were truly in love. It’s about their story who were firm, pure and filled with immense love yet they were engulfed with their personal conflicts.

The next part deals with the psychological setback of Abhishek and how he overcomes it.

The story deals with love, relationships and break-ups.