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Anth Jagriti By Dr. Richa Sharma is a compilation of wise thoughts to enlighten and liven up our inner concise. It is not that we have forgotten the wisdom taught to us by our parents and elderly in our family but as we are progressing towards modernization and globalization the morals and values have started mixing up. The actual rituals and customs are losing their worth and purpose behind practicing them. Unknowingly, we have started following superstitions blind folded. Through, this book the author puts forth her effort to freshen up the logics hidden behind the acts.

This is not about just bragging or dotting papers with long stories but is a proof- based analogy which is descriptive enough to wash the mis-conceptions from our minds. She picks up selected thoughts and beliefs individually and analyzed them from every possible manner. She attends to every possible question that might pop-up in our mind and supplements a proof based and logical explanation. She follows a set format of mentioning, explaining, highlighting loop holes and logical reasoning. This detailed format caters to every possible mind-set and strata of an individual in society.

There are several points that can be underlined while reading and re-visited as time allows. These are easily understandable and implementable in our daily lives.

Apart from influential points, the conversational style of writing that she has opted for has been the best bet of the book. Such a style of writing leaves a mark in the heart and mind of the readers like some elder person from the family is mentoring a young blood!

In addition to this, she has used a variety of elements of writing such as poetry, questions, points etc. These serve as proofs of her interests and expertise in the field and the theme of the book. Not limiting to this, such a variety helps to maintain the reader’s interests in reading the book and keep continuing till the ending lines.

Had it been a little effort was focused in attending to printing issues then, the book would have been a big catch!

I am hopeful that you will not be able to refrain yourself from implementing the practices in your lives, after completing the book. A recommended read for young and old alike.