Title: The Greatest SHow on EarthThe Greatest Show on the Earth

Author: H.K. Bansal

Publisher: Kaushal Publication

ISBN: 9788192981512

The Greatest SHow on the Earth is the second edition of the well received – the greatest show on earth. The author’s  – H.K. Bansal’s main aim to produce this work is to refresh that we all are here to play our roles and the show must go on …

This poem is the description of age-old epics whose preachings stand true till date. We read books, literature, watch historical programmes but still our minds wander hay-way to find answers to some of the unanswered questions in order to quench the thirst of knowledge and self-realization. It enlista a few queries and their respective introspections.

I believe that the author has done a commendable job because drafting rhythmic lines and maintaining the essence of actual historic events is not an easy task by any means. I bow to his creativity. The creativity of choosing words and recreating the majestic aura once again are the main highlights.

The author himself believes and thus makes us believe that there is much more to be learnt from our culture and our rich heritage. He picks up important incidents from the lives of Lord Rama; Lord Krishna, Bhagwad Gita, Lord Buddha, Jesys Christ, Mohd. Prophet, Nanak Dev and Vivekananda and much more…

Within the lines, he compares how the time has changed and is still evolving. From para to para and from story to story he touches almost every human emotion from violence, betrayl, rage, love, responsibility, affectoon, compassion, jou, sorrow, pain, agony, weeps, sobs, dirt, shame, honor, sacrifice and morality and touches every single heart.

The rhyming endings of any poem are a crucial aspect. A few lines which were lenghty or didn’t end rhyming, pulled the reading out of sync but then it is not that big issue which compares or compromises with million dollar insights provided.

An entertaining read!

About the Book

The Story is billion years old, created by the greatest show master known as God.

God created the world for his own charm with atmosphere cold and warm.

You will find top stars of the world with glory.

The creator himself, his son and his friends in the roles devine by the names Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, The Buddha, Lord Christ, Prophet Muhammad, Gurunank Dev, Swamy Vivekanand and many many more.