Title: Fluffy FeathersFluffy Feathers

Author: Diwakar Pokhriyal

Publisher: Sanmati Publishers and Distributors

ISBN: 9788192731353

Pages: 192

Fluffy feathers is a collection of light hearted reads from the artist Diwakar Pokhriyal. You may be thinking why I am introducing him not as an author but an artist; this is because, he is a multi-talent person blessed with a myriad of artistic talents. Writing is just a simple passion for him. He is a known name in field of poetry but this is his first tryst with writing paras (stories).

Feathers always work in tandem, they do not work individually but a group of different types of feathers fluffing in tandem provide a flight to the birds. Similarly, this is a collection of short stories set in different moods and setting but they work effectively to bring your focus towards daily lives, issues surrounding our lives and ultimately boosts your spirits to next higher levels.

Be it love, friendship, marriage, loneliness, social causes, thoughts or actions and much more, he has a crunchy mix of one and all gestures of life in his collection. The most striking identification is his selection of plots. His characters are a reflection of us only; they are reflections of the boy (or girl) living next door. Though they are imaginary but his treatment brings them to lives almost instantaneously. They are very much inspired by our day-to-day lives.

Diwakar is a renowned name in poetry hence, he marvels in expressing his emotions across the length and breadth of pages. Initially, I thought of writing reviews individually for all the 24 stories but after completing the book, I reconsidered the format and finalized on writing a holistic review rather than attending them individually. All the stories are equally interesting and attention grabbing. He has successfully maintained the thrill and suspense in the stories that bound the readers to dig more to find what is towards the end.

On a lighter note, I would be glad to rename the book to ‘Coffee with Diwakar’ because Coffee is something that was an indispensible component of all the stories. An interesting pick for Diwakar’s fan, simply check what happens when a poet metamorphose into an author.

You can pick this book up without giving a second thought and enjoy your next few hours.