Title: Seven ConversationsSeven Conversations

Author: Nistha Tripathi

Publisher: Frog Books / Leadstart Corp.

ISBN: 9789384226404

Pages: 220

My Review

Seven conversations by Nistha Tripathi is a book that goes beyond words. In today’s life when we all are hustling and bustling fast meeting the ends, we rarely get time to sit and ponder upon with ourselves. This is a thought-provoking work that inspires you to take a sneak –peak into yourself only to re-discover your true self. Indeed, this comes out to be a self-realization exercise that enlightens you with loads of information and insight into being human.

We all talk and introspect in our own ways to find answers about ourselves and our lives but do not get the answers that are easily understandable and logically acceptable, at the same time. As a result, we keep wandering in search of answers from one source to another – be it family or friends or mentor or a teacher or for that matter-of-fact God himself! However, whether we find answers or not, is altogether another task.

Meera Sachdev, a representation of disturbed human life, comes back to India after getting divorced. ‘Divorce’, a taboo in Indian context and still remains, dooms her and her life. Unlike customary norms, her family and friends stand by her side and are all ears to her emotional turmoil. Do not take her as a weak lonely separated woman, she is modern woman who might be exhausted temporarily but is not a subject of pity at any given chance. This book is an account of her seven conversations wherein she explores herself, world around her and world beyond her limits, which is populated with her family, friends, teacher and the Lord – Krsna, himself.

The book is fully loaded with words of wisdom and trust me, it is really hard to pin-point only selected paragraphs. Generally speaking, spirituality is something that is disappearing faster from our lives and we do not care (or say dare) to invest time in heavy doses of lengthy and (so called) boring lecturers in order to be enlightened. She introduces you to ‘Faith’ in an interesting manner and changes the norms of writing about spirituality. Do not miss reading the ‘Author’s Note’.

The book cover is soothing enough to highlight the importance of setting a connection with the almighty. It directs towards the divine feeling of expanding our limits and reaching out to accomplish new horizons. ‘Seven’ is an auspicious number in Hindu Mythology for it is associated with seven colors in a rainbow, seven days in a week and seven vows of marriage and more. The author develops the story on similar lines and introduces you to spirituality in merely seven steps.

Based on the theme of self realization, the protagonist Meera matures with the readers by participating in discussions themselves. You fill find that there are numerous questions that you were finding answers for and you will be getting the answers, now! Be it about purpose of living or daring to take a leap against customary norms.

The author has addressed the emotional encounters of the family unions, dialogue exchanges with friends with utmost care and a soft heart. It is a sorry state of Indian culture where single woman are made a subject to pity and are looked down. What thought float in a mother’s agony, a friend’s unconditional and seamless care, an unbiased mentoring from a teacher and trust of a true companion? Explore yourself as she sets you on a voyage of self-discovery.

She suggests the readers to put their step forward and do not hesitate to ‘ASK’ and ‘COMMUNICATE’ with the others. It eases a tons of burden off the shoulders and head as well. She makes an attempt to check out the separated females with all respect and dignity because they too have a heart which is full of emotions and an existence, calling for respect.

I recommend the read to all females, especially who are feeling low (irrespective of the reasons and source of sorrows). Take a ‘Leap of Faith’ with the author with her book in your hands and surrender yourself to her conversations and emerge out more determined and healed, at the same time.

About the Book

Seven Conversations is a thought experiment on life and existence. The characters might be fictitious but their questions are not.

What happens when we choose happiness over convenience?

For Meera Sachdev, choosing a divorce at an early age of thirty over a comfortable and convenient life was a leap of faith. Leaving her successful career and friends behind in the United States, she returns to India where she is now reduced to ‘a failed woman who could not save her marriage’. As self-doubts and the realization of the suffering she has caused her loved ones overwhelm her, she begins to crumble. Her call for help is answered by none other than Krsna: The Lord who is all-attractive. Her odyssey will take her through the temples of Vrindavan, the mythical City of Justice, a deserted barn and the Himalayas as she unearths her deep spiritual roots and the divine truth.

In seven pivotal conversations with Krsna, friends, father, teacher and herself, she rediscovers life, love and her own identity.

Beware, after reading the book, you might dare to choose happiness yourself. Are you prepared?