Interactive Session By Author Anamika Mishra and Author Bhavya Kaushik in Amity University, Jaipur

Date: Oct 17,2014

Venue: Amity University, Jaipur

It was Oct 17, 2014, when alumni of Amity University and Author of bestselling IMG_27396962119032novel Too hard to handle, Anamika Mishra and author of national bestseller The other side of bed, Bhavya Kaushik visited Amity University, Jaipur Campus for an interactive session with students and discuss the various aspects of literary industry.

Director of Amity University, Jaipur, Mr. Jitendra Singh said, ‘it was a pleasure to have this one-on-one discussion with such critically acclaimed authors’. The students loved discussing doubts about the literary industry frankly.

Author Anamika and Author Bhavya were really spontaneous in answering the IMG_51213366609797questions raised by students like how to get published, scope of being a poet, what is the difference between traditional publishing and vanity publishing, how to write a good book, how to increase the word count, how to select an apt publisher for a particular genre etc.

Like-minded authors Anamika and Bhavya left no stone unturned in sharing their knowledge and experience on being writers.

‘It was a pleasure visiting to a branch of a university as guest speaker, where I was once a student. The faculty members and students were really humble and kind, and made us feel like home! I would love to visit this place again’, concluded Anamika after the session, while Bhavya said, ‘Sharing my experience with these young students of our age-group was never so fun. The response which we got from the students was truly over-whelming. I would live to come back again and again! It was a pleasure being here’.