My review

Wings of Courage by Sanjay Kumar is a reflection of our (Indian’s) thoughts wings of couragepresented in the shape of a book. Rape, murder, corruption, deceit, lawlessness, betrayal, anguish, love …. Do these words find roots in your personal system? I am confident that they do. Either directly or indirectly, every individual experiences these shades of lives once in the lifetime. Have you or not? Nevertheless, if you have already tasted waters then you will be readily engrossed in the book but if you are still in queue to be bestowed then, here is a chance to foresee, what you might experience.

Social cause is a topic that attracts eye balls irrespective of the channel of expression and books are not an exception at all. Generally speaking, authors deal with a single cause in their stories, usually revolving the plot around the emotional aspects of the victim or the concerned persons or the culprit himself. Very rarely a self-introspection approach is picked up and that too in decent details. This is one wise addition to the introspection- driven category. This work of fictional realism or realistic fiction makes you sit and ponder if your actual purpose of taking birth as a human is met or not! Sounds philosophical? Don’t worry; it is far more interesting to read.

Saksham, the protagonist, is a mirror image of an Indian – any young age collegiate, is a representation of any average person who experiences the unrest around and feels helpless. Helpless, because the revocations and feelings are storming high within but something lacks! What is it? Of course, you know and agree as I give words to the outrage … it is the ‘Courage’! Courage to stand tall, to fight, against the evil and the bad. In the course of action, the author identifies the missing link and fills the lacunae by imparting ‘Wings of Courage’ to your thoughts in the face of Saksham. How does he do this? Well, you know, you need to grab a copy and check for yourself.

Though, the book cover does not match the content or the spirit of the book; the characters gel in smoothly. A strong characterization with different shades (planted with different friends and person in his life) and stronger pique (incorporated with examples of social inflictions that we have experienced in recent past) take you to a new high.

Helpful friends, college romance, introduction to the outside world, experiencing harsh realities and finally becoming the part of the system and getting your hands and pants dirty with the shit spread all across – Saksham experiences every development in life with courage and tries to find answers and devise solutions in order to find a purpose for his life. After all, why is he taking so much pain? How did he get so much time, power, patience and perseverance at the same time, to light up the murk at such a young age? Well, to be honest, is has no time…you need to find how his biological clock is defying the eternal clock!

The author has a simplistic and interesting style of presenting his ideas. No doubt, you will find the story pretty much obvious but then, I personally think that it is tougher to re-package the obvious and present it in an acceptably thought-provoking way. Sanjay has successfully made his way on the journey because in his first attempt and using a socio-political theme he makes you motivated enough to revisit your life with a fresh perspective and take a flight in the right direction. What he does? He gifts you with the ‘Wings of courage’.

Are you humane enough to fly high with Wings of Courage? Give it a try and reach to new heights.

This time, I conclude with a sher (LOLZ):

‘Agar dekhna chahte to meri udaan ko;


Ooncha kar lo apne aasman ko”

(English translation: You need to expand your limits in order to experience my flight)

About the book

“You must act! Your dreams may look unachievable, but giving up without trying is cowardice. It is against evolution, for evolution is not the result of endless worries, thoughts or discussions. Evolution is in action.”
In those words, Saksham finds courage to step beyond his self-imposed ineptitude and begin a new life.

This is the story of Saksham, a bright young man, and his quest for a more humane world. On his journey, he meets a wise philosopher who helps him unravel the complexities of today’s civilized human world, and a young beautiful woman who rekindles his passion for life. Their belief in him empowers Saksham to launch an attack against organized evil.

As Saksham marches forward, he must choose between the comfort of his love and courage to follow his dreams. If he chooses the latter, he will need to adopt brutal ways to counter raw powers of evil. And… there will be no going back.
‘Wings of Courage’ is a moving tale of passion and courage, for without them, our dreams may never come true.