Title: City of Nine Gates

Author: Pankaj RajputCity of Nine Gates

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9789384049645

Pages: 300

Book Review:

Why me? Why me only? Why me always? Why do I even exist? What am I supposed to do? What is expected from me? – these are certain questions, that we all aspire to find answers about. At least once in our lifetime, we encounter ourselves (or say our inner self) and ask these questions and look out for the answers. Have you ever asked these questions? If yes, were you able to find answers for yourself? If yes, were you satisfied with what you perceived? If yes, the, my dear friend – you are beyond the limits of this world and if you don’t mind me asking – Are you God? And if your answer is “No”, then, let us join hands to this spiritual journey of enlightment which is devoid of heavy-weight verses, ideologies and philosophies which are beyond our understanding.

City of Nine Gates, is a spiritual journey of self-enlightment, is the easiest possible way, in the current times. I am confident, it will be an easy to read reckoner for the readers vouching for scriptures of the kind. Since ag s, the humans have tirelessly made efforts in order to understand the ancient scriptures including Vedas, their inscriptions and their teachings. None has been successful in attending to the call completely. This is because these are comparative and subjective and thus, every learned person has his way of perceiving and preaching. During such an attempt to make it easier and simpler, they unknowingly, find it more complicated and hard to decipher – such a vicious circle it is!

So, what is the catch? Where answers lie hidden? Are there any answers to these questions? Are these questions at all or are they mere thoughts of the mind or let us say our body?

Again, instead of answering, I started questioning inadvertently. I still need to work on myself but this time, I am confident that it will be a better journey because I had read this book. To quote in easier words – it is like a reference book that we refer to in addition to our textbooks. (Philosopher in me is working hard!) This story is set on the plot of an excavator working on a site and how he explores the world – outside and inside, as well.

Pankaj has made a pious attempt in researching and re-packaging the truths of life in shape of a story with a modern age protagonist, thus making it easily relatable, comparable and finally acceptable to the modern-age norms. He has adopted a simplistic style of writing which catches the attention and helps in focusing on the crux of the story rather than the superficial developments, penned down to give a shape of story. In addition to this, he sets forth equilibrium with the eternals by introducing the sages (read them as representatives of God, only). As we tread along with Gyan, we acquire ‘Gyan!

Before, I conclude, I wish to share my thoughts about the book cover as well. As soon as I spotted the book cover, I questioned myself – if it was about a trekking experience around Himalayas or about some symbolic civilization inhabiting the Himalayan locales? But, to my sheer surprise, the farther I went, the closer I came – to myself! It is your turn now for I feel enlightened!

A recommended read for researchers and the ones who feel disturbed and need answers for minds!

Book Introduction

An atheistic millionaire is forced to find and help his long lost friend achieve self-realization in a mystical City of Nine Gates known only to the Gods and the wisest sages of the Advait and the Sankhya. Assisted by other friends in the City, he leads the City on an inward enlightening journey, only to realize at the end who his friend is, what actually the City of Nine Gates is and who is that beyond all regions knowing which one never comes back …

When the Gods
descend to devastate,
When Kalyuga
meets Apocalypse,
Out of a Billion,
Only one strives,
Of those who strive,
Only one achieves,
What those sages realized,
and you still haven’t,
knowing which,
one never comes back.
Rise O’ Cities!
It’s time
to liberate,
It’s time,
to realize…