Parallel world – the term is a self-explanatory and depicts the world that runs on similar lines as our but are located on some other coordinates. Now, does the life is Wishing for a parallel worldgoverned on same rules and emotions and all is a subject of research and personal perception. Till then, the authors (and the writers) are free to inhabit and make it flourish, in the way they wish to. Arriah makes such an attempt and invites you to travel across cosmos through the world of words. The invite (ticket) is her debut book – Wishing for a parallel world!

The story is based on the central character Meera, who belongs to a parallel world. The author becomes her voice and introduces the world to the readers right from the first page. The description of the characters, scenery, incidents makes you feel that this hypothetical world is a real one and it does exist. You will not find any folly in imagining her imagination:). Yes, her effort is commendable because she has managed to maintain an adequate balance between the characterization and their treatments. Be it casting a character, deciphering its emotions, travelling across worlds and perceiving the character’s behaviours and reactions; she brews a perfect potpourri for romantic fiction lovers or should I address it as fictional romance.

Romance – as well know is a human emotion and whenever emotions transpire from creature to another, creates a bond. Working on this very theme, she has carved an emotional saga between Meera and Adam and developed a story around the aftermath of their unison. Readers will easily connect with the characters and the story and enjoy as the love blossoms. As a love story demands, there are hiccups, bottlenecks and roadblocks in the guise of family, friends and peers but how do they hinder the flight of love doves is what you need to read in.

Will the parallel world meet or will the lovers part ways to save the existence of their worlds? Unravel the mystery by diving into the vast expanse of the words across pages. Initially, I was a little sceptical and thought it to be a horror story but I found it to be something else and more interesting indeed. Check your probability.:)

A suggested read for romance lovers preferring love with an edge!