“Dream Girl”, did something strike you if  I make you recall the term? I know for a few amongst you, the answer will be Hema Malini and for the majority it will be – YOUR dreamgirl! I am sure that you might have read or documented numerous  incidents about the  ‘dream girl’ but not many about ‘The Dreamer’. This story is about one such dreamer whose ‘love’ is a dream.

Teenage is a phase of life when we crossover numerous hurdles either physically or mentally. Understanding the behavioral changes at this age is a mammoth task for girls and boys alike. Though it is considered self-evident for the  girl’s gang but only a fraction of the handful of boys admit it. This calls for courage and this story is one such call of courage.

The author admits it to be his own story and straightaway puts across his viewpoint in relation to the course of events attended in the story. This was a big risk and he mitigated it well by pulling off the story well on the track. He remained focused to the plot till the end without adding any exaggerations.

Based on the theme of love, the  plot takes it a step furthur and transforms it to a story of unsaid love and its effects. The author has implemented a descriptive style of writing and elaborated every single aspect of a boy’s behavior and his reactions, who is struggling hard to express his feelings to his dream girl.

The characters I.e. the dreamer, the dream girl (the author calls her his ‘Apsara’) and his friends are carefully etched, imparting them a realistic aura. He has not made a single attempt to use flowery language or to infuse melodramatic sequences. Such an attempt gives an  impression of it being very much predictive but he wins the accolades by sharing the unfateful games  inflicted upon him by his destiny.

Not many boys or authors bring out the emotional vulnerability in their masculine character but we all know they are vulnerable at the heart’s depth. The author dares to account this aspect and accept  it as his behaviour. No, he is not weak at all, neither emotionally nor  physically; he is simply caring, loving, considerate and compassionate for his lady love! Should being a sensitive man make him weak or introvert? I say – ‘No’ and not at all.

Then what is hindering him on his path? What is stopping him from admitting his love to her? Why is  she a dream to him? Have you started dreaming yourself? Please don’t do. :). The author I.e the dreamer has done this part and you just need to share his dream by grabbing a copy and doing your bit.

A recommended read for those who  wish to take a dive into a male’s psyche and who wish to understand how the boys perceive, predict and  deceive!

A story of deception which will make you believe in dreams and motivates you to reach out to your true dreams.