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Title: Seoul Mates

Author: Pamela Q. FernandesSeoul Mates

Publisher: Indireads

Pages: 108 Pages

Date: June 12, 2013

My Review

“As you sow so shall you reap”, would be my liner review teaser for yet another remarkable novella from Indireads Inc.

Indireads, by now has become a known name in the e-book industry worldwide. The focal elements functioning in tandem incorporate captivating and consequential book covers and storylines that are instant attention grabbers. ‘Seoul Mates’ is another sparkler in the collection.

Seoul, as majority of you, may be familiar with, is a scenic location from Southern Korea. Now, as the title is self explanatory, is a story about two individuals who travel long distances between hearts and become eternal mates in the city of Seoul. Yes, it is a romantic novella based on the milieu of a beautiful location and hence, a striking title indeed.

To start with, the book cover is a killer one! Please do not mull over it as an eerieJ. It is a majestic manifestation of the female protagonist of the story and depicts her expedition around the city. She is an Anglo-Indian by origin and lands here following her love only to be abandoned later on! The story elaborates her voyage from barren lanes of solitude to lush expanses spreading love. And, it is none other than her beloved arms! Did I reveal too much? Nah!

The story is about her struggle in identifying true love and fighting against family to prove her mettle. She is professionally strong but is somewhat fragile at emotional front. Who doesn’t become one; after a heart-break? To worsen the matter, a family member is maneuvering against her! Will she succeed or succumb to her deceiving fate? Will she be able to identify and enjoy the intimacy of her true mate – her Seoul Mate? Find out as the author sets on an expedition with you with an interesting read to accompany you.

My itinerary includes: a poignant book cover, beautiful characters, strong story, picturistique locations, descriptive scenes and a evocative plot. You will enjoy the mention of South Korean culture shared with you, in the name of culture and habit. So keep your brain cells awake as you read! You will not regret it.

Pamela (the author) has very smartly inked the human emotions within the turmoil. At times, when heart and mind tread different paths it becomes the responsibility of an author to bring them together and walk the talk. She has managed it in a fair sense. The balance in creating a fiction and recognizing the culture is well maintained.

Before coming to a halt, I will add just one handy tip: Carry a hot cup full of brewing coffee as you set on the expedition. It is a fast -paced read and you will need a companion to appreciate the efforts put in.

A recommended read for mystery and romance readers! I can smell the ‘love’ in the ‘air’!

Book Introduction

Jilted by the man she followed to Seoul, Katia has hit rock bottom. But within months, her whirlwind romance and marriage to Jihan has everyone talking.

Jihan is the heir to the Kwan business empire while Katia is a foreigner, an Anglo-Indian who has no business ensnaring Seoul’s most eligible bachelor. No one knows that their marriage is based on a contract, and that they have come together for their own ulterior motives.

Together in chic, metropolitan Seoul the two forge a relationship that is tested by intrigue, jilted lovers and a hidden nemesis.

Can their newfound love survive the forces ranged against them? Or will the vows they took be in vain.

About the Author

Pamela Fernandes has been a medical writer for over five years. She made the switch to writing fiction when facts and medicine became more about numbers and less about people.

As a doctor she has come across various people who fire her imagination. She has travelled extensively and frequently blogs about the places she visits. Her romance novella ‘Seoul-Mates’ has been the result of her interactions with many Korean friends over the years. When she’s not writing she’s struggling to learn the violin, rereading Jane Austen classics or baking culinary delights.