Age Limit : Above 13 years
From the Master Class series initiative by the S3 concepts, we present another one-of-a-kind interactive workshop conducted by the Founder of Ferntree Publishing, Mr. Hardeep Chandpuri. This workshop aims at clearing all your doubts about ‘How to achieve your dream of being a published author?’
We all have a book inside us. This is what we feel and we wish to take it out of you and get it published. Till now, authors were at the mercy of publishers but now the times have changed. There is no better time than today to write your book and get it published. This workshop will teach you all that and help you take an informed step in this endeavour. Right from ideation to writing and from editing to marketing, we will cover all in this interactive workshop. Above all, the best manuscript that we select will be published by Ferntree Publishing.
1. Introduction to writing
2. What is a good book?
3. What does a publisher look for?
4. How to approach a publisher with your idea?
5. Writing Discipline
6. English language usage
7. Book Covers
8. Copyright issues
9. Book Design & Formatting
10. Importance of editing
11. Importance of Rewriting/Revision
12. Using help of professionals
13. The eBook phenomenon
14. Marketing the book
15. Public Relations
16. Publicity
17. Success Management

14:00, Sat, 13 Dec 2014
Wind world Music School 12, Corner Building, Indira Gandhi Circle, J P Nagar, 1st phase, Bengaluru – 560078