Title: Six Teen Mistakes: The Waxing Moon

Author: Nikhil KushwahaSix Teen Mistakes

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

Pages: 236

Date: July 17, 2014

ISBN: 9789384226336

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Have you ever admired the serene beauty of moon? Of course, you MUST have but the simplicity and desire to admire the ‘waxing moon’ is much more alluring than admiring the scenic beauty of a full moon. The story of ‘Six Teen Mistakes’ is a story developed on similar lines of unveiling the identity of true love. As the moon peeps out slowly and steadily day by day during the waxing phase, similarly the author shares his experiences of identifying and securing a true love!

Do not consider this to be just another school crush love story because as the author treads along the path of admittance, he shares his juvenile experiences, mischief and emotions as well. Very rarely, it happens that a writer elaborates on male psyche during such occurrences but I guess, they are rising in frequency now. Initially, I thought that the boy is just trying to bait the girl with his brain child story but as the plot progressed it was a serious matter traded along at a lower note. It is about those who do not find themselves lucky to be blessed with intelligence, luck and money. Are you spotting some connecting links? Explore…

The author has adopted a simplistic conversational style of writing which is much more expressive. He has written the script as if he, himself is chattering with you and not merely filling up the ages. He shares his daily chores, his feelings and the most crucial project of this phase of life – his mischief, which he admitted as self exploration decorum. He gets influenced with his peers and gets pushed by his hormonal rush and the result? Well, he loses her! How? Why??? When? And who? Yes, she is not the one, with whom, he is sharing his story, she is some another girl – his love.

Grab your copy to identify this waxing moon possessed by the author, himself.

As you read, you will delve into the sheer simplicity of the characters that makes them much more relatable to yourself. The descriptions of the surroundings and the supporting characters are vivid and easily relatable. For many of you, it will be like your own life being reflected in words. The chemistry of setting relations with classmates and fellows is feasible and effervescent.

At times, you might feel that certain dialogues or certain scenes could be set part (I did) but only later you will realize the importance of them being planted in the story. After all, isn’t it about the mistakes committed by the teens? At least, as the author signals through his enticing title and an equally though provoking visualize – the front cover page. The agony, the sea of emotions is very well depicted in the welcoming lines at the back cover page. He doesn’t stops here, he provides you with more within the lines, during the course of the book.

A recommended read for the readers who perceive themselves as patient and have all the heart to stand up and admit, what they themselves have done, during those times! For others, give it a try – I suggest. J