A Tug of War by Yashika Nayyar is more of a self-help book rather than an inspiring or motivational work of fiction. She is too young and this qualifies her as the best suited author for the subject. Nobody needs to have any special qualification to advice but experience is the biggest teacher and makes the individual a qualified advisor. I am confident that all of my readers will be in agreement with me in context of this statement.

Young generation is the favorite subject for most of the authors, out there in the publishing world. They are the favorite choice especially for romance writers but the ones who aim to groom and bloom with writing is not far behind. You must have spotted numerous books that scream of teaching and educating but I am sure, you may not have found one, which promises you to UNDERSTAND, share and glare. This book is a perfect example for the quote which outlines the role of books in our lives – ‘Books are your BEST friends’! Pick up this for once and you will UNDERSTAND and AGREE, with what I have said and why I said so.

The most striking aspect that you will spot is the strategy in presenting the content. The layout is divided into three elements – a story, a self analysis write up, and perspective of youngsters and elders as well. Usually such kind of stories make a mention of the theme or plot or message, usually at the end and that too in a limited space of a paragraph or a two but, this time, they constitute a major chunk of the content. You must be considering that how a young gal like her could make such an elaborate mention and psycho-analysis of the situation and the driving thoughts? Trust me, she has not done anything crossing her age-limits or decency. No, this is a no-bragging at all! This is sheer analysis of what actually goes in the mind and how it gets perceived by all the parties involved in a given situation.

She has picked up important topics that find space in discussions of the young brigade. Be is over-confidence, ego, jealousy, expats, success, suicide, hope, dreams, despair, aspirations, bonding, familial relations, literacy, or education; she has touched upon almost every single aspect that rises thoughts of suspicion and leads to a ‘tug of war’ either with family or friends or acquaintances or for that matter of fact – with self!

In order to accomplish her goals, she has drafted small fictional stories that are easily relatable in terms of characterization, the plot, the situation or the problem in hand. You will readily connect as soon as you start reading the opening lines. Her narrative style of writing takes it further almost like a cake-walk. And, last but not the least, her style of introspection and dissection is a simile of ‘cherry on cake’.  There is so much to learn and acquire in this read that I suggest you, not to miss to give a glance, at-least.

This is a book that every college and school library must possess for inspiring the growing ups with the positivity directed towards their family, friends and society and trusting on individual self. A book that should secure a place in every college library for almost similar reasons. This book also makes a perfect choice for gifting purpose to youngsters as well. Parents will appreciate the simplicity and strength in the quality of the content.

A recommended read.