‘Cure’ or ‘CurSe’, these two contrasting words have been used interchangeably by the writers and authors, for the phrase ‘LOVE’. Reet Singh, a romantic-at-heart author weeds out the alphabet ‘S’ (from the doomed word) and etches her heroine Simi for her latest offering ‘The Cure was Love’. Simi is as sizzling as the word itself is.

Doctors are generally, considered as the synonyms of God (for the masses) because they are our life saviors. Ironically, they sometimes are not powerful enough to save themselves from the infectious heart – disease identified as ‘Love’. The doctor duo Simi and Rudy from Reet’s latest are as infectious as disease in itself. Within the book, as soon as you are introduced with the characters you will be infected with the rosy feeling and sense love all around you. As shared, they both are medico professionals; Simi is a trainee who is researching for cancer but Rudy is an experienced professional, a surgeon.

As the story begins, Simi finds herself on bed. Not of a hospital but some makeshift type of a living arrangement. She spots somebody else there but frightens to find that she is without her clothes. An ailment called fear a.k.a. insecurity attacks her! It seems harder for her to reconcile what had happened with her and how she landed here? Does she succumbs to her ailment or finds a cure? Of course, the author leads her to find that the love was a cure but whose love is it? Is it of a stranger who is there room or that of her boyfriend who has dumped her? Explore who Rudy is and what role he plays in her discourse.

Both, the characters are brainy (and fleshy), powerful and infectious enough to leave a lasting impact in your heads and hearts alike. You will find it interesting to unveil how their professional and personal lives get intermingled and how they come out of the gyrations and convolutions with relaxing and rejuvenating smiles on lips. As expected, they deal with the twists and turns intelligently but remain calm and composed during the course of actions. Obviously, the credit for such a victorious account goes to the author – Reet herself, for etching such characters oozing love (romance) from every single word and every single emotion penned.

In addition to being an accomplished author she holds a knack for the medical profession as well. She has very smartly injected the medico angle in this love story. Yes, it is not as easy as said. She successfully maintains the codes of the profession and develops not only the story but love as well.This is my second chance to review her work and I feel myself developing as a person for I have started appreciating my own feelings and emotions. She crafts the story and the scenes in such a manner that the dialogues though written in the book, seem to be coming out of your own hearts and you become a part of their journey. I would love to read more from her.