A gripping and soulful story that takes you back to the basics of living life to the fullest.

6 stories about 6 souls come together to fulfill their unfulfilled wishes through a channel of one blessed soul. Whose soul is this and why is it the chosen one? Will they all be granted one more chance to relive and revive?

Love, companionship, belongingness, confession, casticism and foeticide are different flavors that you will relish while traversing through the pages.

Initially, I got a little scared but as the story progressed I was no more a reader but a copassenger in the insightful journey. The author has made a steady effort to make readers realise and appreciate the simplicity and beauty of our lives. He not only entertains but motivates the readers to live life to fullest.The language is easily understandable and his conversational style of writing adds to the efficacy of the thought provoking storyline.

I liked the story very much and I guess I am enlightened to find out the very purpose of my living.