Title: Love Beyond Borders

Author Name: Surjitsingh SikhLove beyond borders

Publisher: Bluejay Books

ISBN: 9789382891154

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 275


‘Love Beyond Borders’ is a cute, sweet romantic saga transcending the political and geographical barriers imposed by the world around!

We, the nationals of India are a free romantic bird by nature and thus, we almost instantly connect with the love stories. Now, if these love stories are weaved around or based out of some realistic situations then, there is nothing to be fished for. Taking its efficacy, a step further, what if this love story is based on the back-drop of Indian-Pakistan duo? Yes, it will only make it more realistic, more connecting and yet more romantic to the extent that it may influence to leaps and bounds.

Such a plot, always remains dear and near to my heart. This is because, my fore-fathers belonged to Pakistan frontier region only and my childhood was spent in giving ears to numerous incidents hailing from their motherland. So, I never leave a chance to witness, one more story – be it through a verbal channel or some tele – serial or for that matter of fact, a book – a story based on the back drop of India – Pakistan ironical relationship. You should read this story to savour the essence of love because, air cannot be barred with barbed wires. Can you sense it – Love is in the air!

It is not as rosy as it may be seem through my introductory paragraphs! The story starts as soon as a young lad discovers that the person whom he addresses as his father is not a biological one! A tragic start to a love story? Yes, it may seem to be a dramatic note but the author is mature enough to sail through the callous call of reversing winds. The son finds some unanswered questions in his mother’s welling eyes while the mother encounters the questions that she feared to face, one day. This is about how, both of them sail through harsh torrents and love blossoms.

By making this statement, I have two meanings – one is about the love shared between a mother and a son and another one signifying the incomplete story between his mother and his biological father. Will he be able make the ends meet? Will he be able to meet his real father? How will the equations be if they ever met? Will he be welcoming enough or for-that-matter-of-fact will he be welcomed?

Read this story to find out how political ramifications create tides in relationships at an emotional and personal level. This story has a high quotient for relationships. If you enjoy reading classic romances that are eternal in nature and are serene enough to gain respect and end up in maintaining cordial relationships – then, this should be your pick.

Personally speaking, I find this to be an apt choice to be gifted to elderly. And, it is equally provocative for young ones as well. After all, everyone wishes to grow old with their love of life!

Let the winds blow across the borders and let the love creep beyond borders.

About the Book

“Mahmood is my lawful husband, but he is not your biological father.”

While a mother suffers the mortification of confessing this to her grown-up son, the latter is wounded by the revelation. She refuses to divulge the identity of his real father, but he needs to know. He vows to find his father and sets out on a journey that reveals to him not just the story of two lovers, but also of two neighbouring nations.

A woman bound by customs and a man caught under prejudices dare to fall in love. The barbed border stands between them even as they traverse through Pakistan and India to Britain.

Love beyond Borders vividly portrays the society and culture of pre and post independence India and Pakistan, and a story of love that dared to cross over.

About the Author

Dr. Suritsingh Sikh (b. 1932) served as professor and head of Anaesthesiology at MPS Medical College Jamnagar. Later, he practiced at Baroda. This book is a fictitious rendering of his experience of India’s Partition and the times thereafter. Now retired, he is savouring life with his wife Harbans Kaur in Ahemdabad, with their son Prithipal, and daughter Manmeet happily settled.