Title: Seduced by Murder

Author: Saurabh KatyalSeduced by Murder

ISBN: 9789382891192

Publisher: Bluejay Books

Pages: 268

My Review

‘Seduction’ and ‘murder’ both the terms are equally obnoxious and intoxicating but both are alluring enough to weave stories around. I am sure that you may have read or come across numerous instances wherein seduction has been itself used as a weapon of murder. So, how does this story stand apart from the similar in this genre? It does.

It does, because the author has not unnecessarily bloated the topic to create a hormonal rush or create heat to burn fire and leave the readers to ashes to play with rather, he provides the readers with a fire to burn within and leaves the murderer to ashes. Remember, it is the ‘fire’ under ‘ashes’ that burns and not cook something to relish!

You can definitely relish the sweet –bitter relationship within the characters, who belong to one family. Yes, you got it correct. It’s is family saga but not the melodramatic types. It is thrilling because it has suspense that the author has very tightly caught hold of. The protagonist is invited to the crime scene by his ex-beloved who is married to someone else. Her husband is the brother of the deceased!

Now, as soon as he starts with his investigative procedures, he gets entangled into a family shit only to find later that he himself is being convicted to one of the murders. It is interesting to read, how he himself gets trapped into the cobweb created by smart murderer. One mystery paves way to another and you feel as if you yourself are an incarnation of James bond or something. He doesn’t merely point the proofs or hints; he takes you along and down the path.

He manages to keep the burden off your nerves and lets you peep into the situation with ease. Sometimes, reality is hidden deep down and in-shit and you need to dirty your hands to wash it-off. He unveils one such filth deep-rooted into the family and feels the heat of seduction, behind-the-doors! Is the long-lost loved being revived once again? Is this a plot only to defame for his profession? What is the hidden beneath? The trail of unanswered question is nothing but long.

Is he getting seduced or is he seducing someone? Is she her ex-love or someone else? Why is one murder leading to another? And, what has seduction to do with all these? Are family members involved or are they being trapped?

Read this story to witness about how Vishal manages come out of this dark enigma. Some stories are to be told, truly said but some are to be lived with – this is one such story – a unique story of seduction. Get seduced or be ready to get seduced only to regret later on! Yes, I am today, leaving you with a teasing hint. Mark my words, those who will catch it will only be saved later on and for the rest, I have a suggestion to make; Go and grab your copy.

Nice concept of a detective next door with uncanny detection skills, numerous mysteries to create a maze, and a hunt to drive down – you have all to keep yourself engrossed and the author has played his part well.

A nice enjoyable read.

About the Book

When detective Vishal Bajaj receives a call from his old flame Aditi, he is seduced into a vortex of family lies and murder. Vishal sets out to catch the murderer, while dealing with the resurgence of an irresistible desire for Aditi that he had buried years ago.

Vishal is a witty, hard drinking, tough private detective who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty as he races against time to catch a meticulous killer. Seduced by murder weaves a web of noir and suspense that keeps the reader riveted and guessing till the end.

About the Author

Saurabh Katyal works in the frenzied corporate world and manages to steal time to write while traveling for work. His most prolific writing happens in dingy, cabs lit by street lamp posts, cramped liquor joints inside terminals, and long, monotonous flights. He has published short stories and also won an international short-story writing competition some years back. This is his first novel and has already won critical acclaim.