Title: Because Life is a Gift

Author: Disha

Publisher: Srishti Publishers Distributors

ISBN: 9789382665250


My Review

Life is indeed a beautiful gift bestowed upon us by the almighty. Sometimes, we do not just wish to appraise the value of the life gifted to us. This is the time, when books such as this one titled – Because Life is a Gift, plays its role. Timeless, as a few may categorize but they are actually beyond times and we fall short of words, while commenting.

Works of such kinds need no crafty words or skilled abilities for introduction or for being praised. The person responsible for scripting such stories and noteworthy persons equally deserves to be praised; primarily because he relives that life once again! Revisiting those moments along the journey may be painful or heart-breaking but he is responsible for re-kindling the zest to continue to move forth. This fact applies to the personalities under discussion, readers and the author alike! Disha is the name of the curator, this time.

She is a known name in the community because her first work (mentioned below) has earned her accolades. And, this work is nothing less than the previous one. Though, she shares that the idea of scripting such a book came to her during her convocation ceremony but in my opinion, the purpose of the book, trespasses the college premises and spreads across masses. It is about a social cause of raising awareness amongst the masses about the ‘capabilities of the incapables’! Yes, ironical, as it may sound, the physically challenged people as they are TAGGED usually are actually the DIFFERENTLY ABLED people. The need is to identify their hidden capabilities and provide them with wings to enjoy their zeal. This is her input in this direction only.

She handpicks fifteen differently-abled people who have been successful in making a deal and leaving a mark for the rest to follow. They were considered as a liability once but now they are the assets for the family and society as well. You will identify quite a few of them, as you flip the pages.

The tone of the text is emotional but motivating. It inspires you to act and not just feel pity abput them and consider them as mere ‘case-studies’. Her approach in writing is descriptive wherein, she highlights the challenges faced and then shares they came out victorious by the end. Though, journey is long but they have now found their way and made up their minds.

How does her book stands apart from the rest in genre? Well, she attempts to raise concerns about the root causes of the gaps formed and solutions worked upon. Be it education or technology or be it parental support or societal pressure, she discusses the problem at root level and highlights the grey areas that can be converted into opportunities for the experts to act upon.

I will not spoil her work by discussing about, who all find mention in her book but yes, I will reiterate her message to you all. With this book she makes a plea to understand and appreciate the ‘POWER OF WILL’ and then let loose to conquer the world.

This is a recommended read that deserves a shelf space in libraries and personal study racks.

About the Book

He is ten years old and confined to a wheelchair. But that’s not his identity. To the world, he is India’s youngest patent holder for inventing variants of class for six, twelve and sixty players.

Have you heard of the Army Major who was declared dead in the Kargil war, but is India’s first blade runner today?

Do you think a woman without hands can be one of India’s leading painters?

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you see a differently-abled person? Pity? Sympathy?

The real-life success stories of fifteen differently-abled people charted in Because Life is a Gift will make you think otherwise. You will sense pride replace all feelings of pity and sympathy for they have fought against all odds to achieve their dreams.

This book is a tribute to their courage, passion and zest for life. They will challenge your notion of the impossible. They will inspire you to live life to the fullest, because life is truly a gift.

About the Author

Disha is an IIM-Calcutta alumna and works in the corporate sector, besides being actively involved with various social issues. Disha’s energetic smile has helped her win against various odds and keeps her going.

Because Life is a Gift is her second book, intended to bring about a social change, after her fisrt book. My Beloved’s MBA Plans received rave reviews from leading magazines, newspapers and readers.