Title: The Case of the Secretive Sister

Author: Nilanan P. ChoudhuryThe Case of the Secretive Sister

Publisher: Niyogi Books

ISBN: 9789383098552

Pages: 160

My review

I receive a set of books from the publisher’s desk and a book catches my attention straightaway. A book cover in a tinge of turquoise color with a contrasting white background takes all my focus; a comical graphic wherein I spot a building in the background and a nun running fast (I perceive about her speed from the flair of the gown which she is wearing) and a policeman shouting behind her. Then, I spot the title inscribed in a wavy effect – ‘The case of the Secretive Sister’. What secret does the sister hold?

Yes, the question is an intriguing one and so is the descriptive graphic printed on the cover page. But, what is a three-wheeler doing at the side bars? Are the two – the sister and the driver involved? Is she being framed? Why are they both running in separate direction? Why is this building occupying such a conspicuous space on the cover? How does it signify the plot? As I was continuously pondering over my thought bubbles, I eyes stopped on a middle-aged man who is surprisingly watching the sister vanishing from the scene! Who is he? He has a book in his hands. Is he ‘THE’ Mr. Chatterjee from ‘The Chatterjee Institute of Detection’ or is he a partner in crime? What could be the crime – is the million dollar question! Are your bells running?

Tighten up your shoes as I have a lot to share this time. This book is simply interesting! I loved it. An enjoyable read and I will go on with sentences and sentences.

A middle-aged man finds solace in pursuing his childhood dream – a detective agency. He is a man with cool. A widow by fate but blessed with equally carefree children. Being a single, he is very much attached with his children and thus melts to accept a case which revolves around a child only. No, this is not a child-gone-missing case or some ransom-demanding forgery. It is an exclusive case – one of it’s kind. It is about her admission in a prestigious school. Strange as it may sound and it is much more. Mr. Chatterjee is approached by a fancy lady, the mother of the girl in question. An interesting character, though. Will he take this case or will he be forced or say, emotionally blackmailed by Mrs. Chaddha?

But, how does this description connect with the graphic printed? Strange enough! But, this comes as an exclusive plot with interesting characters. Read this story to find out how Mrs. Chaddha drives Mr. Chatterjee to go nuts and crazy and whether he is able to accomplish the task in hand or not? Dig in to unveil other secrets in a simple language which is very gripping and enjoyable.

This turns out to be a recommendation for teenage readers. Apart from reading, they will definitely enjoy enacting the script into blockbuster drama and win applause.

Will pinky get admission in the school or will Mr. Chatterjee bid farewell to his dream institute of detection? What do you guys think? I would definitely love to read more from the series and author’s desk.

About the Book

Meet Mr. Chatterjee – Crime Fighter for the Common Man

Mr. Chatterjee, founder of the Chatterjee Institute of Detection and crime fighter for the common man faces the most unusual case of his career – to get little Pinky Chaddha admitted into Bangalore’s snootiest school. But this seemingly innocuous assignment bristles with danger at every step, for the school’s headmistress is a Machiavellian adversary.

About the Author

Nilanjan P. Choudhury’s debut novel Bali and the Ocean of Milk received wide critical acclaim and was a brief bestseller.

This is his second novel and the first adventure in the Chatterjee Institute of Detection series.

He confesses to having studied at IIM Ahemdabad and IIT Kanpur and hopes that this will not be held against him. He lives in Bangalore with his wife, a daughter, a mother-in-law, a day job in the IT industry and a home loan. It’s a wonder he manages to write anything at all apart from EMI cheques.

He can be reached at www.nilanjan.net