Title: I Was There

Author(s): Saptadeep and MamtaI was There

Publisher: PenPoint Publications a soul – stirring

ISBN: 9788192877433

My Review:

‘Life after death’ is a mystery for all us – the humans. Since times immemorial, intellects and creative minds have put in their best of the efforts to unveil the mystery of the god’s creation but as soon as, it seems that they have solved it to some extent, every new interpretation of the analogies springs up to move a step ahead of the another.

Such is the gravity of the topic that only people with handsome knowledge and experience can carry it off for others to understand but these two authors from today’s young brigade of the writer community has done a praise-worthy attempt to simplify the confusing chain of relative questions and trail of respective answers. Not only this, they have made it more reader-friendly and easy to comprehend by deciphering it through a story based upon the life (or should I say – the death) of a young (teenager) girl. Now, the catch here is that she is not just-another-girl rather she is the representation of the girls whose lives are looming in dark with no rays of hope or for that matter happiness in life. Though, according to the plot of the story, she belongs to a small village located in Haryana but her agony is same as numerous other girls living in other territories across the world. With this, the author dup attempts to bring in limelight, a social cause that is pacing up and engulfing the females!

As soon as the story starts, we find ourselves accompanying a girl, who is all charged up with emotions, full of agony but somehow is numb of her external atmosphere; at least this is what she thinks in her present state. She sets on a strange journey, a journey of ‘Life after Death’! Many a times, such a journey is explained as a spiritual one and categorized as ‘Self-enlightment’ but this time, it about ‘self-realization’. Yes, though, the essence is the same but the manner in which the author expresses is super simple and instantly connecting. You will feel as if you are yourself treading towards the path of recognizing yourself and identifying your true identity.

Now, this plot doesn’t start with a death, as the other authors prefer it to be but this death has a purpose to it. And this purpose is the foundation of the journey ahead! To put it in simple words, if death is a question then the life (and the way, we choose to live or end it) is the answer and how? Then, the content is there to guide you through the unending maze. The authors’ creativity sets in the moment when two different streams of thoughts– first the descriptive agony of a oblivious girl coincides with the second thought i.e. life after death; merge into the stream of words.

If answers are well written and descriptions vivid then the agony and the pain of females in a village set up is equally appalling. We, the torch bearer of secularism and liberalization, claim to have attained a higher and respectful position for the females (if compared with the past) but is true for reality? No, it is not. There still is a long way to go … still a longer journey to be followed.

I feel privileged to read this work because recently, during my stint as a reviewer, I have read handful of stories on the two themes but separately. Though, they were also nice reads but this book scores high because of the choice to merge both the themes in one and presenting it in simple yet easily comprehended language. I am glad… I was there to have it reviewed on my blog.

If I ignore two major disconnects – first the confusion of using ‘Maansi’ within the text while ‘Mansi’ in the back cover and second the ‘not so matching book cover’, the script is a subject of winning accolades. It is a gateway to altogether a different world which still implores respect and right to live and let live! This is a story with a defined purpose, indeed.

About the Book:

Maansi, a simple village girl trapped within the boundaries of family and honor, is in search for the answer to the queries that haunt her life. Reyaz, a medical intern, living under the burden of a complex relation, tries to understand a world that has failed to understand him. Their path cross, but so do their stars and death seems the only escape.

But what if death isn’t the end but just the beginning of a journey that changes everything you know about yourself. Unfold the pages to embark on a soul-stirring journey of love, magic, hatred and spiritualism that winds its way through the dusty lanes of Hrayana, leaving behind answers that humanity always sought for.

About the Author

Saptadeep Basu dons many hats in his life – he is an engineer, a poet, a blogger, an adventurer, a marathon runner and the list goes on. Born in West Bengal and brought up in Assam, his works reflect the freshness of the east. Despite his devil-may-care attitude about life, his literary works delve into the darker shades of subtle human emotions. Saptadeep graduated from NIT Silchar as a civil engineer in 2007 and is presently working  with NTPC Ltd.

Mamta Sharma is a social worker, a poet and a blogger but above all she is a keen observer of human behavior. Brought up in Haryana, she feels deeply about the atrocities of women in her part of the world. Her writings are a call to women to break free from the shackles of patriarchal society and express themselves. Mamta graduated from M.D.U. Rohtak in 2011 and post graduated from B.P.S. Women University in 2013 and is presently in search of a new story.