Title: Derivation of Life

Author: Viraj J. Mahajan

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9789384391997

My review:

I had never cried this much, ever after completing most of the sentimental stories read so far!

Yes, this is true and I am not exaggerating my emotions at all. Derivation Life is a emotional tell tale from an experienced writer – Vira J Mahajan. He aspires to become a Bollywood writer someday but for me, he has become one. I would be one of his numerous fans someday. He shares that his story is based on his personal experiences based in Ujjain during 90’s but the effect it leaves and the trail of emotions that it surfaces is just timeless.

This story is about a lady – Archana. She is an epitome of motherhood and feminism; a symbolic of any other Indian lady whose life revolves around her family – her children. Almost all ladies (especially in India) follow and tend their families like following a religion. Little things do not derail them from their paths. They are nurtured strong enough to bear the burdens and responsibilities alike and be an untiring inspiration from the people surrounding them. She is also the one like this only but what makes her quiet as soon as we start reading the opening chapters?

There in the scene, she is quiet and her family is mute; contrastingly, the author leaves you short of speech with oceans of tears in your eyes. I am sure, you will also be reducing into tears as soon as you start reading and visuals of story cloud your mind and thoughts.

Witnessing a life body and that too of a person whom you have always seen chirping, chatting and charming , is just unbearable. It is NOT AT ALL easy to bring that pain into words and let the readers feel those cold pangs of silence. He caught my attention, there and then and after this, I could not stop myself. (As I had shared with you earlier as well) I had lost my mother during my childhood only in an accident, that pain resurfaced. Yes, I admit that I am emotional on such a subject but then, I guess, I have the courage to stand and advocate for the writers who write about such incidents in a justified and respectful manner.

The only question that was throbbing in my mind was what happened to her? Why did this happen to her? Read this story to find out what did she derive from her life and what made her land in such an emotional state. Find out the real meaning of derivation of life.

As we continue reading, the author takes us along to a journey that starts years back as the two main characters come together to enter into a marital bond and then life starts taking its course. We witness joys and sorrows with the characters. We laugh with them and we cry with them. The author makes a successful attempt in connecting the characters with the readers.

I could very easily correlate with the characters and their emotions because I had myself experienced those dreaded moments some day. He has never stretched any scene beyond acceptance. The chapters are very much focused and do not just fill up the pages extending word count. I felt as if I am watching a tele-serial and every chapter is an episode! This feeling instill my faith in him and an able writer.

Along with the usual readers of fiction, this is a must read for other aspiring writers as well. I guess, this can be picked as an enacting script for college dramas as well.

A meaningful story written with an attention grabbing beginning, soul wrenching story and a logical end – a story which will remain close to my heart and mind for long time.

About the Book

Archana always wanted to provide a perfect life for her family but the course of her life takes a drastic turn when she has her second child.

Will her family have the same life ever again?

Set in the early 90’s of Ujjain, Derivation of Life throws a light on a middle class family and their quest to find happiness.

About the Author

Viraj J. Mahajan is based out of Ujjain and currently lives in Mumbai with his childhood friend and his Labrador. He graduated from Ujjain and came to Mumbai to pursue his dream of becoming a writer and worked as a freelance writer. Derivation of Life is his debut novel which is based on the experiences he had while living Ujjain.

He can be contacted at:

Website: www.vjmahajan.com