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Title: Soul Seekers

Author: Neelam Saxena Chandra

Publisher: Lifi Publications

ISBN: 9789382536130

My Review

Neelam Mam is a brilliant and a multi-faceted personality. This is my first chance to read and publish review for her writing. Though, I feel myself a timid person in front of her aura, this is my humble attempt to share whatever I felt while reading her story – Soul Seekers.

As the title suggests, the story is about the people who have souls seeking love. I agree that you may read numerous stories, loads of short stories, hummed strings of poems and even watched emotional sagas about the thirsty souls wandering in search of love but I am sure only a handful of these would have scored a mark from your souls. Trust me, this is going to be an addition to your favourites.

The first feature that I wish to highlight is the STORY. Though, all the authors put in their best to share their voices but not all have a sensible story guiding the plot. She has one! The best thing about the story is that it is a composite story including a series of smaller ones. Isn’t our life associated with various people adorning or tarnishing it? Working on similar lines, she has collaborated this. So, no additional effort is expected to accept it as a close piece to reality.

The second feature is its proximity to reality and connection with the readers. There are two sub-sets reinforcing its influence. First is the story itself, as I had discussed in the previous paragraph while second one is the relatedness of the characters. The characters are so much convincing and obvious that you either feel like that they are your reflection only or a few of you might aspire to become like them only. Readers can be confident of having a no-dreamy nonsense here, sheer reality and instant connection.

The third feature that helped me in engrossing all through the pages was the flow of events and continuity of chapters. She excels in her story-telling techniques and orating skills. Being an experienced story teller, this comes obvious in her writings as well. Readers will feel as if some person is reading out some story to them and thus they can enjoy the fragrance of blossoming relations instead of focusing on words and paragraphs. Indeed a treat for love-thirsty hearts. J

The theme of the story is a romantic one and this is not just another college or workplace romance, it is a soul-full story that will touch your souls, for sure. Love knocks her door twice but how she finds her soul mate and the journey along constitutes the subject of the story.

I enjoyed reading it like an easy breeze. Somehow, I don’t know why I felt very relaxed before retiring to bed whenever I read it. I guess you all will definitely experience the same. I recommend this story to serious readers who vouch for something sensible to soothe their senses and you will not be disappointed. Mark my words!

About the Book

What happens when two simple, unassuming people fall in love and embark on a struggle with their own emotions even while unaware of the plans destiny has for them? Can love survive against odds?

Soul Seekers is a love story that revolves around Pia, a pretty young thing with a haunting past. It stalks her as she ventures on a journey to Hyderabad, where love beckons to her. Two men enter her life, Atul and Yatin. Even as things seem to be shaping up, bizarre events force her to leave the city. Will love come calling her? Will the lovers triumph at the end? Read on to find out…

About the Author

Neelam Saxena Chandra is a writer with a difference. She has penned more than five hundered poems / stories which have been published in leading magazines. Her writings, published in various international anthologies, include three story books for children, two poetry books and one novells. Her stories won an award in a contest organized by the Children’s Book Trust in 2009. She bagged the second prize in a poetry contest organized by the American Society on the topic ‘Poetry for Social Change’. She won the popular choice award for the song she penned ‘Mere Sajan Sun Sun’, given by Radio City.