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Title: How Did it Go?

Author: Prasun Choudhary

Publisher: Become Shakespeare.com

Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 9789383952199

My Review

The good old college days! Wooh! I loved my college days…though it is now more than fifteen years that I have passed out but the memories are fresh as a morning breeze as if it just happened yesterday…enough of me…what do you have to share? I am sure there must be at least one story at least memory that needs a voice! Everyone has and so has the author of this diary archive – Prasun Choudhary.

I start my review with a word of praise for the publisher – Becomeshakespeare.com. The scripts chosen by them and the authors short-listed by them are bestowed with an edge. With countless books being published and numerous authors being showcased, it becomes a matter of great responsibility to cut-the-crap and bring forth the sensible scripts that are having larger than life canvas. They are amongst the torch-bearers.

As you may have noticed in my introductory paragraph, this is a diary entry archive. Hence, one more time, the author drives us down the memory lane to the college campus – the hostel rooms, the canteen, the popular meeting points, the famous trees 😉 and the spiciest of the lot – the college politics! Yes, this story is based upon the theme of college politics, the changing definitions of the bonding and separations between friends. This is a story that guides you about the equations of friendship – whether to win and lose friends or to lose and win friends for life time. What’s your pick? What did you do and HOW DID IT GO?

The story behind choosing the title is an interesting one. It is as interesting as the title itself so, do not dare to miss it. You will definitely enjoy it. The book cover is soothing and capable of refreshing your good old days memories and so is the plot. College politics is a sensitive topic and not many authors would pick up such a theme. This is because it involves sharp insight and not to forget, personal experience which many of us are devoid of. Thanks to Prasun for refreshing and making us witness those adrenaline rich turn of events.

Folks, if you missed it that time, do not regret, let us witness it one more time!

The author starts the story as he lands in his college and makes new friends develops the story based upon new permutations and combinations of friendships which come up as the final semester comes to an completion and elections approach to a self assessment platform wherein we need to question our concise and provide an answer to one crucial answer of our lifetime – How did it go?

For the readers, who have been involved in politics either actively or passively, it is going to be an enjoyable read! For the ones, who witnessed it from outside or remained aloof, it is going to be a bumpy but fun ride! In addition to the smoothly flowing writing style, I particularly liked the pieces of wisdom (or should I say findings) shared towards the end of the chapters.

The accounts shared are realistic and easy to relate. Being a friendship based story, it is a safe choice. So, if you like reading college related stuff but are still hunting for an alternative – your search ends here. A recommended read for college students irrespective of the semester you are attending. J

Once completed, do share with me – HOW DID IT GO?

About the Book

Percy and his friends are just like any other university students – trying hard to toe the line between having the time of their lives and keeping up with their academics. When the constant pressures of competition start to get to them, they figure that they’d rather be having fun instead. And that’s when everything starts to fall apart! Will they be able to find their way back? Or will it be too late?

How Did it go? Is an account of how an average student goes about navigating the intensely competitive waters of IIT, but its messages are universal. The constant fight to stay afloat, the loss of hope and your drive to succeed, the internal politics – it can all be a bit much for one person to take on. If you think getting in was difficult, think again! But, as Percy rightly puts it, nothing is too intimidating as long as you find where you belong, pick up a few life lessons and good friends along the way, and just have fun ding it all!

About the Author

Currently working with a bank in New York, Prasun Choudhary is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, who spent a considerable amount of time as a consultant before switching over to banking. Described by his friends and batch mates as a passionate person, who instills confidence in everyone he meets, the author is particularly fond of visiting new places and running marathons; he considers running to be the most liberating and satisfying of experiences.

The author’s active involvement, in all sorts of student activities during his IIT days, has given him detailed insights into the lives and characteristics of the different types of students he came across during the years he spent at university, which he has put to good use in his first work of fiction – How Did It Go?