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Title: Tat Tvam Asi

Author: Pinky Acharya

ISBN: 9789383952243

Publisher: BecomeShakespeare.com

My review:

Every individual life is a reflection of another in a way or the other. Hence, there is so much that we may unlearn and learn by experiencing and understanding each other’s lives. It can become nothing better if the essence of life is presented in a beautiful book which is not only a delight to be read but a bunch of memories to be cherished along the journey of book-reading! This is one such moment of joy – a moment of celebrating life!

Pinky is an experienced professional in industries which demand high voltage communication exchange and thus, this bestows her with a serene simplicity and expertise in expression of thoughts and transmitting positive vibes. This continues further into her writing style and finds its destination in words inscribed the pages that we identify as ‘Tat Tvam Asi’. This is a collection of inspiring anecdotes from her personal life and from the people who are associated with her either in a direct or an indirect relationship but are in connection with her. To put in simple words, this is a memoir with a unique approach to inspiration and an exclusive self reflection account.

In this book, she hand picks a few inspiring and soul stirring moments of her life and shares it with the readers with an idea to sensitize them about some basic governing fundamentals of life. We all are engrossed in the economics of our life and survival that we are losing the concepts of respecting life and here she comes like a fresh breeze only to rejuvenate us with an electrifying energy, one more time.

One thing, that you will admire while reading this book is, her instant connectivity with the readers. You will feel like as if you are chatting with your friend or sibling or say a cousin and exchanging your views. With every chapter ending on a thought-provoking and inspiring note, she leaves you with a chain of open-ended questions which derive the basic essence of our existence and survival in this society. The theme centric chapters capture the emotions and provide a chance to experience the thrill of self reflection.

This is a fast-paced read and you can re-visit any of the chapters any time. You need not gulp the complete book in one go rather read a chapter in a given chance and let it seep into your soul deeply and then, unveil a new you!

She claims it to be a voice of her inner thoughts but truly speaking, this is what we all observe but forget to respect and imbibe while following our daily discourse. She takes a pause and makes you revisit your thoughts and life style for betterment.

Personally speaking, I find this to be nice read for book club meets and book discussion subjects as well.

About the book:

Life’s beautiful moments are all around us, if only one stops enough to notice. A random gesture of compassion has the power to reverberate multifold between a pair of strangers, a teacher’s passion to fulfill her unsung duties goes a long way to mould a child’s personality, a poor carpenter travelling a substantial distance to return a pittance proves his immense wealth of character, and sometimes, your own child surprises you with a maturity way beyond their years. These and many more soul-searching anecdotes are brought to you by Pinky Acharya to stir the spirit into thinking about the finer nuances of life.

Tat Tvam Asi (that art thou) is Pinky Acharya’s veridical journey that propagates empathy through inner cleansing. As the title suggests, once realization dawns that each one of us is mere drop in the ocean of the Supreme Being – though a tiny extension of the same – it is difficult to have thoughts or perform actions that are unworthy of the Almighty.

About the Author:

Destined to spend all her time reading and mothering, Pinky Acharya was born in Mumbai. She is a proud J.B. Petit High School for Girls alumnus, and graduated from Sydenham College with a B.Com degree. She is a practicing graphologist, with a decade’s worth of experience, working with corporate and individuals alike, as a recruitment advisor and holistic remedials’ therapist.

Raised completely and absolutely Gujarati, her eventful childhood and memorable adolescence has helped shape not only the theplas she makes daily, but also the woman she is today.

Tat Tvam Asi is her first venture of its kind and, she vows, not her last.

Acharya resides in Mumbai with her silently – supportive husband, socially-explosive son and an increasingly – Shakespearean daughter.