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Title: Being a Woman
Subtitle: Quae Mulier
Author: Shweta Khanna
Publisher: Cyberwit.net
ISBN: 9788182535657
Pages: 63 pp
My review:
Womankind – a vast expanse of emotions and expressions, is a limitless feature that every author attempts to understand and decipher on own terms. And, the magic is every explanation and inference is equally alluring and influencing. With this offering, the poetess – Shweta Khanna, takes a plunge into the ocean of strength and kindness – this compilation is about “being a woman”.
This is a compilation of about 45 poems or say this is a collection of 45 shades of a woman. She touches upon every single aspect of being a woman. She starts with a wordily homage to the most powerful of the gender – Adi Durga and proceeds with different hues including first cry to modern woman. She touches upon the varied and multi-faceted personality of women.
Though, every single creation is a commendable effort within itself, a bunch of these need a special mention from me. I loved – First Cry (it details emotions of a newly blessed mum); Granny! Please forgive me (made me cry for hours) The Soil (was an entertaining read) and Modern Woman (a poem with a strong message and strong aura).
As readers, you will admire Shweta’s capability to decipher myriad hues of a woman, be it about her own birth or giving birth to a baby girl, be it about some merciless acts of father or other family members or about the struggle of tending a baby girl, be it endorsing pain within or spreading a strong message and proving her mettle, she has beaded all the emotions perfectly.
Though, I have only limited knowledge about poetry and no technical understanding, one thing is for sure, she was successful in connecting her emotions with my mine. And, based on this very fact, I am confident that you will enjoy reading her compilation.

About the Book (in words of author)
Being a Woman – Quae mulier is an attempt on my part to bring together the various shades and emotions of a female life together. Its vastness tries to encompass the divine existence of a female to being a victim; her feelings, thoughts and stances, and the relevant social atrocities a female has to bear at times.
Through this compilation, I have tried to open a few of the uncountable folds of the soul and mind of feminine entity. My two poems in this collection are a dedication. Adi Durga is my accolade to the divine female energy, whereas Nirbhaya is my homage to the brave girl who lost her life due to the bestial assault on her sancity.
It is my cordial dedication to the essence and psyche of being a woman.

About the Author

Born and brought up in the ‘City of Nawabs’ – Lucknow, I had a poetic bent of mind from an early age. With time, I developed a passion for writing, with poetry being my forte. A Masters degree in life sciences and Bachelors in education did not deter me from being an avid lover of Literature. To be a hands-on mother to my little ones and to further pursue a career in writing made me quit my job as a teacher in an International School.

Being a woman – Quae mulier is the first compilation of my poems. It is the essence of my life and a tribute to womanhood.

She can be contacted at:

Email: shwetakhannainfo@gmail.com