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Title: Hooked, Lined & Single

Author: Rashmi KUmar

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors

ISBN: 9789382665298

Pages: 188 pp

My Review:

Beware! This book is for strong-headed women only. My dear readers, you might Hooked, lined & singlebe wondering what makes me start my review with such a cautionary note. Well, the basic idea is to come straight to the point.

The author, Rashmi Kumar is an experienced pen pal and is here to play her role damn seriously. Yes, her personality is very much explosive and seeps down deeply into her characters, especially Alafia (truly a nice name).

Alafia is no damsel in distress, though she seems to be a bit confused (or should I say, lost) but is beauty with brains. Can’t brain cells get exhausted? Says who?

Many of the readers (especially females) will almost instantly connect with her. Her magnetic aura is infectitious. She will charm you and leave you hypnotized long after completing the book. She is in quest of her real self! Aren’t we all tredding along similar paths in our lives? Do give this idea a serious thought.

Not only women but man will be equally charmed with her charisma. Though this work is not any research work or thesis about ‘how to understand women’ or about ‘what all she wants’ but trust me it is nothing short of it. You, as a reader will definitely be more precise in witnessing and analysing the chemical lochas of the tender gender.

Numerous middle-aged or single or divorced or for that matter of fact the ‘happily married’ ones will score an understanding of themselves, their relationships and the incidents happening around them with a clear vision and empathy. Here, I would share that quite a few might not approve of how she destined her protagonist (w.r.t. her preferences) but do appreciate that many of us do face and pass through such a demanding and uncontrollable harmonal effects. I admit that I would not have approved of such developments, had I not witnessed such developments with my own female cousin.

What I liked the most about the book? It’s straight, crisp tone of language; it’s closeness with the reality and corelation with heart and mind alike. Next, was the character sketching of Alafia and her buddy – Myra (I hope every single women born in this world be blessed with such a supportive and unconditional friend in her life).

The book no preacher, it is just an elaborate diary entries packaged in pages. Her ordeal is true and builds up a strong bond between readers and the story.

This book is a ‘must have’ for brainy ladies who are just fed up of hushy mushy romantic literatures. Bonus point – Men readers out there… Gift her a copy and she might appreciate you for respecting her feelings, emotions and Intellect!

So, don’t just wait… Go ahead and change your status on social networking sites from “single” to ” Hooked, lined & Single”. Enjoy being SINGLE.

About the Book

If you are a woman in your 30s, and are yet unmarried or deserted or divorced, living in India will make you belong to a category which finds extremely hard to find the right man to just be with. Such women will be labelled as cynical, and acquire disastrously special statuses such as unreasonable or demanding or chronically single or bossy! In this title, one such woman is pleading with God, asking the same question that might be resonating inside the minds of the rest of her kind – “where have I gone wrong?” Alafia Singh is on a similar journey, as she has set out to find a life partner for herself, but by following traditional methods. Will she be successful in her attempts?