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Title: The Book of Intents

Subtitle: Intentions and Affirmations for Positive Change

Author: Shilpi Chawla

Publisher: Embassy Books


Pages: 281

My review:

Many of us, find ourselves lost in the race against time in our daily lives and then, we look out for simple solutions or say actionable directions to work upon, in order the book of intentsto streamline our derailed lives. Here comes, an angel to assist us through the passage of books and magical words printed within.

The Book of Intents is a collection of (mostly) one-line statements which empower us to bring us back in motion. We all have latent capacity to reach out to the skies but we all have to face our share of hurdles and at this point of time, we need some mentor some guiding light to guide us through and Shilpi is here to rescue.

A strong believer of art of living philosophy is a certified angel therapy practitioner and with this avtar, she is no less than an angel / fairy herself. She guides us through some 240 plus intents. Enough to fuel us almost every day for one complete year!

Though, this book can be finished in one read itself (I did), I suggest you to read one statement per day and try to stick to the mantra briefed within the lines and witness a change of positivity within yourself.

These intents are energetic, inspiring and charged at the same time which in turn motivate you to take the life head-on. These are segregated under different heads such as: power, compassion, inspired action, belief, enthusiasm etc. This makes, it easier to revisit the statements, as intended depending upon the happenings.

I myself, felt elevated after completing a read and I won’t mind re-reading it whenever I feel low. In other words, you can term it as a psychological session with your dram angelJ.


About the Book

Every intention made in this book has the power to manifest in your life!

An Intent is a clear statement of what you choose to receive from the universe and an acknowledgement of its manifestation in your life.

It is a declaration of your creative power. Once an intent is set into motion, it aligns with your higher self, and what you experience is nothing short of magic.

An intent is not a wish, because wishes don’t always come true. Even seemingly impossible tasks can be accomplished when backed by the power of an intent.

The purpose of this book is to make available to you, your own powerful ability – the power of intention.

About the Author

Shilpi Jayesh Chawla is an explorer of the unknown.

She has been a seeker from childhood, studying various practices including Reiki, Vipassana Meditation, Hypnosis, Art of Living, Somatic experiencing, EFT and Shamanism.

Shilpi is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner.

She is a certified ‘Heal your Life’ teacher for the philosophy of Louise L. Hay.

This book is her way of sharing with you the fact that you are invincible and you can live your dreams – Today!