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Title: Unravelling Anjali

Subtitle: A Diary of an Immigrant Bride

Author: Nim Gholkar

Publisher: Become Shakespeare.com

ISBN: 9789383952137

Pages: 358 pp

My review:

NRI – The magical abbreviation used for the Non Resident Indians, is a fancy term used to describe the people who are Indians by birth but chose to reside outside Unravelling anjaliIndia. This term might seem to lose its luster with time for a big chunk of the crowd today but the scene was not the same a few years ago.

Yes, this status was the most respectable one, especially for the marriageable boys. Prospective bride’s family and friends would leave no stone unturned just to bait one for their princess. Back then, quite a few were lucky enough to enjoy the freedom and a new found identity across borders but not all were fateful enough. Anjali – the protagonist was one, among them.

This story is about an ordeal of an ordinary (read it as a simple girl next door) girl on foreign land. Like every other girl, she has dreams to follow with her husband but sadly, he is not around. No, he is not cheating upon her by any chance but remains engrossed in his own chores. The story outlines her journey starting from India and ending in his husband’s arms. Did she get to embrace him? Check out.

The author –Nim, has done nice work in portraying her heroine. She too is an Indian and shifted her base to Australia. Having being introduced to both the cultures by herself, she was in a better position to shape her story and the incidents and she succeeded fairly well. The turn of events depicted in the story is smooth and easy connecting. Nowhere, you could sense any breaks or even feel that you are reading a book. Her writing style is flowy and easy to comprehend.

This comes as an easy breezy read for the book lovers, who love reading soft centered stories; especially the home makers. Yes, you can choose reading this work of fiction over those repetitive cookery books and melodramatic tele-serials.

Nim chose to write it in a conversational style in the format of diary entries. This imparts an instantaneous spark to the plot. The choice of the title of the book is a smart pick because the story details how she reveals herself in her quest of love (aren’t we all wandering in search of the same pearl ???).

The story traverses through thick and thin of her life; including how she gets introduced to the new soil and finds her roots there. It’s not as easy as said. She had numerous hurdles to cross – be it her proximity with her own husband or social presence; she takes every ordeal in her stride. Yes, she stumbles on her path and reveals a new person beneath the veil. In other words, Anjali unravels.

You will enjoy how she manages to live up to her husband’s expectations and carves a niche for herself in his life. Don’t consider this to be a rosy love story at all. She had to taste sour fruits but a cost. What cost she had to pay? Did she repay or she loses the game? You should unveil to unravel.

Other than an interesting plot, the book cover is an enticing one. It ranks amongst those who would urge you to pick up the book and check the contents. And, the author would not disappoint you at all.

I find this to be a perfect read for the ladies married to NRIs and finding roots and connections with the Indian soil without compromising with the new surroundings.

About the Book

1998 Australia. Anjali Jathar is looking forward to life as an Immigrant bride following her arranged marriage to ambitious divorcee Ravi. Settling in, she explores not just a new culture but also her newfound freedom. But life is less than perfect. Ravi’s constant travel and preoccupation with work leaves Anjali feeling increasingly unloved and lonely.

Enter Jake Ellis. Charmed by Anjali’s exoticism, he finds himself gradually falling in love with her. And so begins an emotionally intoxicating roller-coaster ride.

‘Unravelling Anjali’ is a cross cultural tale delving into love, lust and relationships. What happens if a woman meets her soul mate after marriage … and it’s not her husband?

A riveting read, ‘Unravelling Anjali’ is a vivid portrayal of commitment, betrayal and the struggle to find one’s identity in a foreign land.

About the Author

Nim Gholkar was born and raised in Mumbai, India. She graduated in English Literature from University of Bombay, Mumbai before moving to Australia in 1996.

Her blog ‘Nim’s Niche’ is a kaleidoscope of musings on life and its many reflections. She loves travelling, reading, playing badminton and singing karaoke.

Unravelling Anjali is her debut novel.

Nim lives in Sydney with her husband, three children and a lovable Rhodesian Raidgeback called Cody.

To know more about Nim, visit:

Website: www.nimniche.com.au

Facebook Page: Nim Gholkar

Twitter: @NGholkar

Email: nim@nimniche.com.au