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Dear Readers,

I am back at my blogging at Books News India. The gap has been as long as about six / seven months. I was feeling torn apart with the latest developments, hence a bit low and thus had suspended blogging these past months.

Taking a break with my last retort. I know; many of you were expecting a decent reply from my end but I couldn’t revert back to all due to pressure welling up inside me. 😦

Now, I am back and am revived to fulfill my promises given to you. I beg an apology from the authors and publishers; whom I kept on wait and at the same time I thank you all for giving me space and time to control my senses. I am glad and feel blessed to have you all standing tall and strong around me.

Soon, I will be publishing reviews (including pending ones and the new ones as well)

Please continue to shower your smiles and strength to me.