Title: Mid – Career Crisis

Subtitle: Why some sail through while other’s don’t

Author: Partha Sarathi Basu

Publisher: Harper Collins Business

ISBN: 9789351364924

Pages: 170 pp

My review

Feeling tired of your boring job? Finding yourself in the middle ocean of Mid Career Crisisresponsibilities and burdened enough not to sail through? Feeling insecure with the victories of friends and peers due to their success? Or say, naiya doob rahi hai apki?

Don’t be stressed!

You must be thinking even if I understand the seriousness of the situation, why am I not taking it seriously. Well, dear friend, you need to identify the true character of the crisis first. Yes, trust me, you will not be able to work upon the situation, until and unless you get hold of the problem in its true sense. This, is a guide book to assist you in the healing process and the author – Partha Sarathi Basu your guide and mentor.

He is an expert and a well-known name in the industry and thus, needs no introduction or background to his laurels. Even if, you are not informed about him, I invite you to have a glance upon his work and then, you will need no supporting evidence. With this work, he guides you to identify a very common fear that all the serviced class people experience – they call it – Mid-Career Crisis.

In the first part you will find valuable insights into the phenomenon that will help you sail through the dead sea of myths. Here he addresses confusions such as opaqueness of future, leader or follower, fear of the unknown, keeping track of the track and attempts to clear air through the myths including: a collection of fourteen unique (and interesting) syndromes and conflicts that you must be experiencing in the office on daily basis. He has very smartly roped in stories (and his personal experiences) to support and further strengthen the understanding of the concepts. He then focus on the effects and misery as the outcomes of these myths. In short, you might feel as if you are reading a collection of short and crisp stories which are reality inspired and are motivating enough for you to stand tall in your office next day.

While, in the second section, he presents the readers with excerpts from the forerunners who are now the big-shots and known names. He presents ten stories, which have not less than ten times to hunt what works best in your situation. The stories range from teaching you to rediscover the moments that matter to defining your ideas of success to six ingredients of success to opening up the new opportunities. Open up and chose your pick!

I conclude with lines from the author himself – We need to internalize the learning and resolve to bring about a change in us.

About the Book

Remember placement season? There were friends you graduated with. You got about the same marks and joined the same organization as trainees. Now, mid-career, you wonder why some have powered ahead while the reat are stuck with old responsibilities and designations.

You cannot understand what it is that those who continue to grow are doing differently, what helps them reach the top while others fall behind. Superior knowledge, sharper skills or just sheer luck?

Our mid-career is characterized by several questions that start bothering us: Should we stay put and grow, or quit and move to a better-paying, bigger profile? Are we leaders or followers? Should we continue drawing salaries or build our dream start-ups? Shaken by confusion, the self-confidence of our early years changes into misery – and, eventually, a crisis.

In Mid-career Crisis, Partha Sarathi Basu draws upon years of leadership experience in the corporate world to offer life stories and professional insights that will help you face your crisis – because face one you will. And if you are already in one, it will show you the way out before it’s too late.

About the Author

Partha Sarathi Basu is a management professional based in the Netherlands, working as the Global Director for Finance Operations at AkzoNobel NV. Over the past twenty-four years, he has worked in leadership positions in a number of companies, including Coca-Cola, Whirlpool, IFB Group, Tata Group and Spicejet.

He is the author of three previous books, including the highly acclaimed Make It or Break It, written for young professionals on the transition from the campus to a corporate set-up. He is a guest lecturer in management institutes and contributes articles in leading magazines. He is a keen observer of human behavior, and his books are based on his experience in the corporate world.