Title: S.H.E. is my…

Author: Mohit Jain

Publisher: Petal Publishers

ISBN: 9788192982755

Pages: 340

My review

As soon as you spot the cover, you will find a silhouette of a family with a She is my(seemingly) loving husband and a (caring) dad; all three together posing to be a happy-go-lucky family but then the other two images – one with a definite face cut and another covered behind a shadow, land you in a mystery.

Don’t be prejudiced by straightway coming to a conclusion for considering this to be some shitty love-hate-murder kind of mystery and suspense drama. Coming from a respected desk – from Mohit Jain’s; this story has a bigger canvas. Much bigger than what could be conceived looking at the cover page, merely. You need to meander through the pages and the convulsions that might form as soon as you gain an insight of the story from the back cover page. A few of you might get confused, as to what it is all about? Need a teaser? I am the game!

Mohit Jain is an experienced and published writer in addition to being a educationalist and a mentor as well. Though, his previous works have been more towards academic bent but this is somewhat in contrast to what you have already had from his desk. This time, he is a big game with a bigger plot called – Life. No, he is not here to preach you with teachings or philosophy from his personal roadmap but provides a chance to peep inside your soul and personality to gain an understanding about yourself.

While crafting his protagonist – Eklavya, who is a charmer and steals away the limelight; he creates a juxtaposed mirror image of life of many of us. You will find a bit of you or may be your friend or some family member or may be anyone around you; all coming together to complete the scenario but to accomplish what? This is ‘what’ you need to hunt for while turning the pages. Rest, has been taken care of by him while crafting a unique plot.

This wholesome story covers various aspects of young man’s life – love, career, family, friendship…and unidentified pressures. On reading I realized, that there is too much surrounding us, we need to clear the air in order to breathe freely and blossom and grow up the ladder of life and profession but all this is not possible if S.H.E. is by your side. Move on with him, as he identifies and fights with this unforeseen hurdle. The text is intriguing but a bit confusing. Whenever, I found myself lost, I took a break and came again to read. This pause helped me in imbibing what all I have read and analyzing the story as it progressed. I had read this book during low phase of my life and am proud to have a new angle.

At the personal level, it helped me identify my troublemaker (which he terms as S.H.E.) and motivated me to fight back. You will enjoy reading the book but do not make haste. Take your time. THIS IS NO ORDINARY WORK OF FICTION OR LOVE TRAINGLE. THIS IS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO TAKE THERE LIFE SERIOUSLY AND DO NOT WISH TO REPENT LATER ON.

What might S.H.E. stand for? Any guesses?

About the Book

It has been twenty years in the industry and now having seen his rise, fall and re-rise, he plans to retire. Some chemistry he had with girls. His circle mostly had female tangents. It was indeed a psychological pleasure for him. Not everybody is good at this unique feature. He pampered and charmed all those women with whom he was never in a relationship with, till one day he realized that his life has 3 girlfriends already. His wife, his daughter, and his that female friend – the S.H.E., who taught him to be humble and dedicated to his family. Finally, he got committed to all 3 of them.

“Anyhow, 80% of the people can’t understand 90% of what I say. Who am I? What am I?”

“I just have one love. I am Eklavya.”

About the Author

Mohit Jain is a prominent personality, management guru, influencer and for many a mentor who enlightened them to make a correct choice when they were in the crossways of their career. He has been influencing students at various levels through his teachings, mentoring and consultation for more than 17 years. His rich experience in Quantative Aptitude, Economics, Finance and Research has helped him in pursuing his dream of inspiring and influencing students in a way that would enrich their lives. His profession gives him a chance to travel between cities meet new people.

Mohit aspired to change the education system by re-introducing the famous concepts of management, mathematics and economics through the books he wrote. In his previous two publications “FCOC” (Four Corners of the Circle) and “JUICE”, he attempted to explain different complicated concepts across Management and Economics in the form of simple story-telling. This cognitive approach and prudent demeanor helped Mohit look beyond the texts and explore the realities of these concepts in the actual world.

Only this time Mohit attempted something new. For the first time he endeavored into the realms of fiction to narrate the tale of Eklavya and his SHE. In this story we would not only come across the journey of Eklavya, the hero of the story but also Eklavya, the narrator. Mohit chose to narrate us the tale of how SHE – the virus, growing within us, impacts our life even before we realize.