Title: Poetry for Everyonepoetry for

Author / Poet: Diwakar Pokhriyal

Publisher: Author Press

ISBN: 9788172739881

Pages: 130

My review

Can poetry be for everyone? Yes, it can be. If a story (fiction / reality) can be then why can’t a poem be?

Well, I was not so confident about this very fact before going through the latest Poetry for everyonefrom the author / poet – ‘Diwakar Pokhriyal’, titled – Poetry for Everyone but now, I am much more surefooted (never like before). I was among the less blessed ones, who would constrict themselves within the brackets of prose and stories only. Though for the purpose of my book blog, I accepted only handful of poetry books for review after refusing loads of poetry review requests straightaway; due to my limited knowledge on the subject but the role has expanded now and a heartfelt thanks to Diwakar!

Many of you would agree with me if I quote that minimal literature is available (online as well offline) which would educate us with the art of poetry; starting from the basics and that too without much technicalities and confusing jargons. With this, the hunt comes to a halt. This is a no preachy book educating the readers about twenty five (25) forms of poetry (which he defines to be 25 colors of poetry) along with the educating, enriching and enticing examples. Within the text, he opts for a conversational style of background for setting mood of the reader and explains the characteristics and features of different poetry styles including:

  1. Acrostic
  2. Alliteration
  3. Abecarderian
  4. Baccresieze
  5. Cinquain
  6. Couplet
  7. Cromorna
  8. Diagonal Acrostic
  9. Enclosed Rhyme
  10. Epitaphs
  11. Etheree
  12. Etheree double
  13. Fibonacci
  14. Haiku
  15. Senryu
  16. Quatrain
  17. Free Verse
  18. Rhyming
  19. Tanka
  20. Tetractys
  21. Remix
  22. Upside down
  23. Zig-Zag rhyming
  24. Fun with Words
  25. Heptaoem

Please, find out more about all of these within the book.

Matching to his subtitle, he chose to print a vibrant colored book cover which showcases a poet working on different subjects using different colors resulting in varied hues and patterns. I couldn’t understand why the chits with the subjects were left bland. It would have been more effective if they chose the poet’s backdrop in shades of black and white and used colors on subjects; matching to those in poet’s grip of hand. Keeping this personal thought aside; this cover is alluring enough for a work of such a kind.

Within the book, he doesn’t limit his creativity by including only the example poems after the respective descriptions rather he expands the magnitude of coverage by re-using them in the collection of poems in subsequent pages. These are in addition to numerous creations from the author himself, which are printed in latter pages. I don’t mind him re-using the already used examples because they rather help the reader in re connecting with the previous explanations. Therefore, with this approach, it becomes easier for the beginners to revisit and catch hold of the concepts before taking a dive themselves.

The passionate wanna-be poets would find this book to be a jewel because not only he provides fodder for your thoughts through the poetry styles but he also serves various emotions and subjects which range from love, season, hatred, wait, tears, praise, poetry, death, technology, poverty, urban life, environment, greed, selflessness, motherhood, devotion and much much more than this. Initially, I had thought to include style wise review or poem by poem review but then I surrendered because there is much more beyond this scope. With this work, you evolve with every single word read and with every single poem completed – you grow at an individualistic level.

I feel that attending to literal need of such a kind is a daring step. In today’s time, usually poets are much more interested in pouring over their emotions and expressions instead of sharing their knowledge base with the likes but Diwakar dared to take a step further and has nailed it well. I also learnt that the canvas of poetry is much larger than the text because in addition to being an art form, it has a latent technology and technique (read it as science) and thus, output is more amplified. It is like flowing clear water which takes shape of the container, it is filled in. (In simple words, every reader has its own interpretation, which are all correct and unique which is not possible in other literary art forms.)

Having said this, I admit that writing poetry for me is still a difficult task but at the same time, I am more confident to give it a try next time and plan to pen my plight. Reading this work charged me to revisit my already published reviews on poetry books and add more info and analysis under the insight gained thorough his of work. I promise you, my readers to work on it and polish it with a new gained knowledge.

In my opinion, this should be presented to school / college teachers and libraries and thus referred to students who have an interest in learning more about the art. It is not that only facts and fantasies of poetry are revisited rather it is the revival of the art in itself. I term it as – The Bible for the beginners of poetry. I thoroughly enjoyed imbibing what all, the author had to share.

I conclude with an alert – He is one poet to keep an eye on, in the future. Would be glad if you add a sequel to this (hope am not demanding much)!

Note: I have not written anything about the subjects and the poems included because it is technique and format of the book that needs attention and hence a mention today. He is a well-known name as far as composition of poems is concerned and thus, I found it better to keep it aside, as far as this review is concerned though they are as beautiful as the previous poems written by Diwakar.

About the Author

Diwakar Pokhriyal is a writer by passion. He has completed his engineering from NPTI, Delhi & MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Energy Management, Gurgaon in field of Energy. He has written 9 poetry books and 1 short story collection which are published. He has a part of 50 anthologies / magazines with writers around the world. His works are also included in various websites. He had won Poiesis Award of Excellence in Literature for his short story. His work was selected by Aseem Ahmad Abbasi (famous lyricist) to be included in a Hindi poetry anthology. With a touch of music in him he is also a member of GRV Band as a rhythmic guitarist and song writer. The songs can be enjoyed on You tube channel of GRV Band.