Title: One Tequila, 2 Tequilasone tequila

Author: Supriya Parulekar

Publishers: Gargi Publishers

ISBN: 9789384382063

My review

A young girl almost thrown carelessly into a seductive posture with a bottle of tequila beside and a dusky moon… did you feel any sensations running across length and breadth of your body? Yes, you did. I know, you will not admit it at the first instance itself but once you tread along with me and her in the story, it will be difficult for you to hold your emotions and hormonal rushes within. Just have a shot of this story and let the author do the magic on your nerves!

Nah! I am not drunk just a tad bit high after completing reading this glam story. It is a light hearted story with loads of mood swings… Yes, coming from a feminine desk, you are ought to have loads and loads of it but only to entertain you. Supriya, the author is a known name in the industry and her work is her proof and strength.

This is an enjoyable read about a daring girl who manages to run away on the day of her marriage to chase her dreams. But, her reality is that her dreams are chasing her…too much fun… Yes, this is a roller-coaster ride of love, bouncing between heart, mind and relations. Her dreams come chasing her only to divulge her real self, which even she was not informed about. Till the end, you cannot make out what the author had destined for her?

She is a free soul who has a mind of her which goes hay way as soon as she is under the influence of tequila. What wonder does tequila has on her life is very fun to read and what wonders do 2 tequila do is even more bone-tickling. It was very easier to visualize what all was written in words. This in turn made it a joy-ride. The twists in the story were sensational enough to raise brows and bring forth our concern for her well being. She is bold, outrageous, daring, a go-getter, confident; as long as she bumps into him. He, who is infectious, charming, influential, intelligent, organized and infected by her charm.

What happens when they both come together? Will their personalities match or explode? And, most importantly, what about their ulterior motives? Will they be able to accomplish their personal tasks or will they succumb to each other under the influence of tequila? Don’t over-think; just give it a shot!

If I limit my point of view in one line, it would be – A delectable potpourri of emotions, relations, love, trust and betrayals.

The author’s story telling technique is convincing. It was easy to visualize her descriptions and thus I felt as if I am watching some production movie. I have learnt that she is an experienced script writer and thus, I comply with what she has to offer. I also learnt about her forthcoming movie projects. After reading her work in this book, I am now excited to watch her next work.

About the Book

“Once upon a love…

There was a handsome young man.

And a gorgeous young girl.

They were never meant to fall in love!

For the girl…there was happily never after!

For the boy…he had failed miserably in the matters of heart!

Until one day…their paths crossed, fates met!

Love happened, just once and then forever…”

Pick up this book for an intoxicating journey of denial, tipsy moments, smiles and lots of love.

About the Author

Supriya Parulekar is a published author with four books in her kitty and has written a story, a screenplay and dialogues for two movie projects that are under consideration at present. She has also worked as a script editor for TV18 and History Channel. She was a columnist for ‘YUVA’, a magazine for the youth. Her passions include reading, writing and travelling to new places in search of inspirations.

Supriya’s debut novel ‘A Soulful of Lie’, a supernatural thriller, was very much appreciated by Lat Gautam Rajadhyaksha, a well-renowned celebrity photographer. ‘DReamcatcher’ belongs to the romance genre and it was a huge success in a couple of days since its launch. The third, ‘The Gangster’s Muse’ is a thriller and is available online and in stores. Recently, ‘BFF: Best Friends Forever’ was released and it did quite well in the ‘Teen fiction’ category.

Supriya compose poems too when she is not working on her books or reading.

She can be connected at:

Email: parulekar.supriya@gmail.com

Facebook: /supriya.r.parulekar and /parulekarsupriya