Title: Our Heritage Revisitedour heritage

Subtitle: A glimpse into ancient Indian texts

Author: Anju Saha

ISBN: 9789352350742

My review

Pooja…Havan…These are the two words merely used by today’s Indian generations in the name of our sacred Indian Heritage. The older generations are in a better understanding of the same but they feel saddened on the limited knowledge of their successors. This work is an honest attempt of one such ‘biggi’ for her ‘kiddoo’. Her attempt becomes much bigger than the canvas as she decides to share her learning and findings with more and here it is…

Anju has summarized her findings under the title: Our Heritage Revisited. As the title suggests, she takes us through an educating tour through our age-old literatures a.k.a Hindu Texts, which is not preachy but enlightens us through their essence and to be precise their organizational understanding. Many of us get confused between the concept of ‘Religion’ and ‘culture’. With this, she attempts to clear the air and helps us in gaining an understanding about the both. You will not learn what they have (or say what they contain or preach) rather what they are (or what do they comprise of). Yes, there is a logic behind their origin and constitution and she has attempted to provide you with a bird’s eye view of the hierarchial structure.

She revisits the texts in a logical and structured manner. She opts to educate with the language first – Sanskrit. How is it used and how does it transform into verses and its significance. She then delves deeper by expanding further into its extensions. You will be amazed to learn how are these all interrelated and interconnected with each other.

I myself have been a scholarship holder in “Ved Path” during my school days and have learnt some practical applications and descriptions of vast knowledge locked in these books and have never been able to catch hold of the hierarchy in such a simplified and easily understandable manner. Glad to have such a gem of book in my collection.

Yes, you have read it right as I term it to be ‘gem of book’. The reason behind my proclamation is first that as per my knowledge there is not any book that presents this most useful information in such an easy and understandable manner and second it is equally useful for all age groups. Students studying Sanskrit or scholarship holders (I presume the scholarship still persists) or elders who are interested in arming their generations with loads of heritage; all these are hot targets for this book. These days; temples (and other religious institutions) have started piling nice collection of books for their libraries. I request you all to take a chance in investing this purchase and you will gain its worth.