Title: Paradise Lost and Regainedparadise

Author: Ratnadip Acharya

Publisher: Leadstart Corp.

ISBN: 9789352013173

My Review

‘Respect Nature’ is a golden rule which we are taught as soon as we understand the concept of ‘Respect’ing in our lives. Have you ever wondered, why are we introduced to such a concept at first place? This is because life is that simple. It is us who make it more artificial and in turn a complex entity. Many writers and authors have proclaimed to have deciphered this mantra of living in their own way but not as effective as Ratnadip – the author of the book: Paradise Lost and Regained.

He, who is a magician in true sense, has something magnetic in his writing skills that just bond you. I was lost into the story as soon as I read the very first sentence. We as readers are always in a lookout for something unique either in a story or language or plot and usually need to compromise on one or the other aspect. Trust me; you will not be disheartened this time. This hunt becomes crucial if this hunt aims to find something worthy for our pocket (as parents) and children’s mind as well. Ratnadip has moved his magic wand to solve all these issues with just one effort – his unique and inspiring storyline.

He chose a sweet cute timid deer as the main lead. He, who is still unborn and waiting to be born. The opening dialogues are conversation of this ‘yet to be born’ life with his mother. I have never ever read such a beautiful explanation in my life. The tone, the flow, the continuity, the feelings, the expressions, the observations, the prayer and the best – the desire of life – all are simply the BEST. (Yes, I have deliberately written it with CAPS ON). While reading, I myself felt an urge surging inside me to be born once again. I felt as if I am relaxing in my mother’s womb. The aura created by him was just majestic and surreal. This experience doesn’t ends up in the introductory chapter itself but extends to other chapters as well.

Next, the language chosen is very creative and engaging; at the same time, the combination of the words flow like a stream. His story telling skills ooze out of every single sentence frame which is second to none. He narrates the scenarios with such easiness that they seep deep down into your nerves and leave a lasting impact in your memory.

I personally felt that the chapter titles could have been more fun to read. I didn’t mean to say that they are not apt but just that there could be more creative spur added to it; taking into the account his creative knack and understanding. If this is the magic that he is able to create in his wordy world, just imagine how influential he could be in his magician shows. A big WOW! Through this beautiful comparison, he attempts to make the readers – elders and younger ones alike – understand that life is simple and beautiful. We should enjoy it to the fullest.

The deer follows his destiny and on this journey, he learns to build up his own perspectives and experiences. He motivates us to face the life heads-on, come what may. He experiences good and bad, stays near and far from his family (mother) and friends only to explore his own PARADISE. On the way he loses his paradise but regains – how? Well, find out.

I personally find this book to be good reading material for kids because very rarely such nice books get published in Indian publishing industry. Just one negative and I couldn’t refrain myself from discussing it – the book cover. I found the book cover not up to the mark with the content quality. Though, it matches the story but still I found it to be a bit gloomy. I request the team to give a try next time, if possible. The elders will find this book equally interesting because the mysteries of life such as family, death, etc. are so beautifully explained such that you will feel motivated to live life with a new charm and enthusiasm.

I conclude my review with a prayer to make this book a real hit. Kudos! Best of Luck!

About the Book

Whispered the forest and its trees, ‘Little deer, tell us your story again.’ Smiled I and asked, ‘What will you gain hearing it time and again?’ Replied the forest at once, ‘It is not just a story of a deer, but of we all – forest, earth, sky, trees, wind and river. It is a testimony to trust, love, hope and courage that we will all remember for ages.’

With a smile, again I began to narrate my story, which breathed my love, fear, success, failure and glory. It spanned from my birth in the forest to human captivity, from where I escaped to explore life’s other possibility. Everywhere and every moment I received help from Nture, and it taught me to experience life from closer. I learnt that the other name of life in Mystery, and that it is beautiful with all its unknown twists and unpredictability.

Once I finished my narration, the forest was throbbing with life, there prevailed only peace, silence and joy, and no strife. ‘Name your Story’, breathed the forest and every living entity it contained. Thought I for a while and replied…

Paradise Lost and Regained.

About the Author

Ratnadip is a well-trained street magician and has demonstrated his skill to many across the country. A NIT Jamshedpur graduate, Ratnadip lives in Mumbai where he works as an Electrical Engineer. He contributed many inspirational write-ups in different collections of Chicken Soup for the Soul. In December 2012 his first novel, Life is Always Aimless…Unless You Love It was published and was received well by the readers across the country.

Being deeply interested in life, Nature and its mysteries, this time Ratnadip has come up with a storyline the like of which has hitherto not been told. It is about a little deer growing up in a far-flung deep forest, teeming with its fellow deer, other animals, trees and rocks. Yet we can all find ourselves in this strange and surreal world that Ratnadip has created in this inspirational novel Paradise Lost and Regained.

Ratnadip can be reached at:

Email: ratnadip76@gmail.com

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