Title: Dream Dare Deliverdream

Author: Priya Kumar

Publisher: Embassy Books

My review:

Passion – the magic word which drives millions of minds and hearts is a character honed by some people only. Many fall prey to the vicious circles of life and during the course of action they mistakenly consider their need as their passion. They do dream to deliver but they lack the dare and the rest – the go getters, they do dare to deliver. Surprisingly, the souls that come out victorious of the odds of life despite all bottlenecks; those who dream to dare to deliver need to be introduced at every turn of a road called life and this biography is one such story which is about learning the art of delivery beyond all dares and dreams.

This story is about Subhashish Chakraborty, the owner of the DTDC chain.

Not withholding only the literal meaning of the term ‘delivery’ – his life is a guiding light for people who are still dreaming to take a dare in their life. Not only the wanna-be entrepreneurs but the young minds will also feel that spark after learning about the adventures that shaped or say crafted this man, what he is today.

No, I won’t say that his life is full of numerous blessed moments; rather he, being a warrior of life was smart and observant enough to identify and catch the moments to transform them into an opportunity which other’s could not. How? Well, for this you need to be a co-passenger of his life story and read through the pages.

No story is a story without a skillful storyteller. To be put in simpler words, his story would have been lost with passage of time had it not been engraved into history with wise words from the pen of Priya Kumar.

She is a skillful writer (in addition to more skills into her portfolio) and one more time she proves her mettle with this latest venture of her. She had beautifully presented the noteworthy incidents all across the pages. The tone, the language, the continuity – all the elements have been well taken care of.

You will simply admire the outcome as it has come into the form of a book. Nowhere, it is a bragging show-off of a multi- millionare or rags to richies saga; it is a simple conversation told of how to keep going.

Here, I would wish to recall one of learnings that I learnt from my father. He says – “Nobody in this world is poor if he is short of money. But, a person remains poor if he falls short of ideas”. Same applies to Subhashish. Grab a copy to get an insight into how he transforms odds into opportunities.

About the Book

Join bestselling author Priya Kumar as she takes you on an inspiring journey, through the life of India’s leading entrepreneurs – Subhasish Chakraborty, the founder of DTDC Express ltd.

Subasish Chakraborty started DTDC in 1990, with the intension of providing a better logistics solution to people. Challenged by a lack of capital to create a network, he came up with an idea to partner with entrepreneurs who shared his vision of providing the best customer service experience in the field of express supply chain and logistics. The scheme was an immediate success and he pioneered the path-breaking concept of a franchise model, the first of its kind in this industry.

Subhasish Chakraborty is a people person and his philosophy has been to grow by helping others grow. Today DTDC, with its family of channel partners, delivers 11.5 million consignments a month across 10,000 pin codes in India and over 220 locations world wide. It has a direct presence in over 14 countries.

This is the story of a man, who made it against all odds, taking DTDC from a start-up courier company to the Supply Chain of Hapiness that it stands for today – providing employment to thousands and delivering smiles to millions.

About the author

A bestselling author and a motivational speaker, Priya Kumar is the CEO of Priya Kumar’s Training Systems.

Apart from being a columnist for leading newspapers, Priya does several radio and television shows on motivation and peak performance. She is the author of a number of bestselling books. Her first book ” I Am Another You” was an immediate success and remains an inspirational bestseller. It was awarded the silver medal at the Living Now Book Awards in 2013 and went on to win the First Horizon Award in 2014.

Her second title,”License to Live” won the prestigious Eric Hoffer Book award in 2012. Priya’s writing is both involving and inspiring. She is  a strong believer in the power of the human spirit and her writing aims at adding value to the reader.

Priya Kumar is also a much sought after motivational trainer. Her interactive and at times unconventional nethods of training continue to deliver much sought after tangible results.