Title: 50 Miles: A Reverse Journey50

Author: Jaydeep Khot

ISBN: 9788193175002

Publisher: Ninad Prakashan

My review

Does such a kind of book really exist? Can a book / a story be presented in this format as well? Please do not be baffled up as I start my review with interrogative tense. I am super existed to write a review for a book after a long long time. No, it’s not that no other book has impressed me to such an extent or that any other author has not been able to strike notes but it’s just that the attempt, made this time is a fresh one!

I was supposed to publish review for this book by the end of next month because of ome personal commitments but but but…this book has carried some enigma that I couldn’t refrain myself from taking it up. So, here I am with my review…even before updating the author that I have received the book. Please excuse me for this. LOL….

The book cover with two shadow looking silhouettes…seemed enticing….the arrow directing backwards along with the subtitle…detailing – ‘A Reverse Journey (with a reverse R)’ and an equally odd figure – ‘50’miles…this book cover had all the elements to catch my attention; so much so that I readily decided to take it up even before my planned scheduled (as I had shared with the author as well). The author bio was compelling enough to fire my desire to pre-pone reading it. Last but not the least, the book introduction was guiding enough to urge the reader to flip through the pages and dig out what’s inside? I calculated why is Haria’s life so important that it has to be shared into a story? Why do we have to embark on a journey backwards? Usually we learn and grow as we age but what would be there to learn if we decide to step down the ladder instead of choosing the upward direction?

Till this time, all the catalysts were actively performing their roles to charge me to open and start reading. As soon as I started, I was Haria! Yes, I felt as if I am reading my own diary notes; as if there are some pointers jotted on my personal notepad! Well, to my astonishment, I am amazed to read and witness what the guiding point of the book / story is. You do not even realize when the book comes to an end and you find that you should NOT become Haria, one fine day.

This is a very fast paced work spanning just a handful of pages which can be read in one breath itself. Each chapter dedicated to an year in the life and spanning merely a one-page length or two to the maximum extent. Personally speaking, I perceived it as if author wishes the readers to take a look back into what all we have actually earned and acquired in our past lives? Is it worth our life? Today, as we stand here, have we accomplished what we had actually wished for, some decent years ago? This is an alert to check and verify whether we are on right track following right / good / requisite deeds or we need to take a step back to bring ourselves back to senses.

Time flies away; it never ever comes back but memories gone with the time, do reckon. Listen to what they have to say! So, get set to put your life into reverse gear and find your identity and purpose of being blessed with a beautiful gift – called life; take a reverse journey.

I am totally impressed with the book and would not mind recommending it for people who are feeling lost in their lives. Feel fresh, stay motivated. Though there are two disconnects as I read but then, respecting the credentials and his early foray, those can be skipped and the journey should be continued. These are not directly related with the book, on as-is basis but if taken care of, might add weightage to his journey. I am confident that the author would address them, should he get a chance to re-print with your support – support from his beloved readers who choose to pick and read his work.

Technically speaking, many of you would suggest that these chapters are merely primers for drafting complete chapters which could have been more explanatory and inspiring as well but then, again the output would have been customary. The feature that makes this book stand apart is its ‘pace’ and the fact that the book maintains the essence of story until the last line!

A nice book for personal collection and read time and again till time comes to an end…

About the Book

This story revolves around the life of Haria. Haria is a 50-year-old man, who has amnesia. He doesn’t even remember his name. The story will take you into the journey of his life in a reverse chronological order. Here, the central character of the book finds clues, which help him recall his life. Each clue would help him recall a year at a time.

So join Haria, in his journey of self-revelation 50 Miles, where he embarks upon his identity, origin and his birth.

About the Author

Jaydeep Khot is 20-years-old and is a student of Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics. He has appeared for his Bachelor of Commerce examination of Mumbai. He is also a final year student of Chartered accountancy course.

He is a marathon runner.

His favorite subjects are history, economics and psychology.

Writing is his passion. 50 miles is his first novel.book re