Title: GulabiGulabi

Author: Pankaj Suneja

Publisher: Cinnamon Teal

ISBN: 9789384129149

My review

My dear readers, you being an avid reader, are blessed with overactive minds! But, have you ever tried to look up from the pages of the book and gone beyond the book cover to enter and take a dig into somebody’s mind? I may sound a bit weird with a construction of review but please give my question a thought. Definitely, you are no ‘Jin’ or ‘angel’ who get teleported like it happened centuries ago and at the same time we all, are not expert psychologists to decipher what the messages mean if not presented straightforwardly.

What if you get a chance to dive into the neurons and enjoy the roller coaster ride with nowhere to start and similarly nowhere to end! Please do not be afraid. My review content might look somewhat disconnected but sadly, this is how a schizophrenic person would feel! The author of the book – Gulabi, is suffering with this ailment and this is his way to share his feelings and let the world know what all goes behind those hopeful eyes which seem to point into nothingness. They are seeing hope and with this book, so are we! This work is inspired by author’s personal experiences thus have a personal touch.

Gulabi, is a figment of imagination which exists in the mind of the protagonist – Monty. Though, he thinks her to be real but she is not visible to others. Running parallel is the story of a girl – Virginia, who loses her love and sets out to fins the purpose of her existence. Both bear a contrasting take on life. If monty seems to be a bit depressing then Virginia is a go-getter personality. But what these two have to do with the author – Pankaj? How do they secure a place in his mind and then in his book? How they both are interrelated and what this has to do with the ailing medical condition?

To start with, you might feel as if there are numerous disconnected pointers but by the time complete reading the full content and try to recall what all you have read, you will surprisingly understand what the author is expecting you to understand from his work. This is something that should not elaborate here rather it has to be witnessed first handedly while reading. You will appreciate how his efforts deserve accolades.

Yes, I admit it is not like the others written these days but it is far more engrossing and thought-provoking than the counters. If nothing else, you will start appreciating what a patient goes through and be in a better condition to converse with them and making them believe that you believe in what they expect you to believe from their beliefs!

Personally speaking, I find the author promising and his writing has a potential. I wish him luck for his future endeavors. Yes, he should continue with this passion to inspire others who might be taking en-route to darkness.

About the Book

Schizophrenia is challenging disorder often characterized by abnormal social behaviour and a significantly altered perception of reality. Its treatment largely depends on medications and psychosocial interventions but no single approach is widely considered effective for all patients. Through this book I offer my readers a glimpse into the multifaceted world of schizophrenia in the form of fictitious storyline revolving around two characters Monty (the psychotic part) and Virginia (the non psychotic part). The boundary between the two is permeable. Monty conjures up ‘Gulabi’, following his abrupt separation from his long time partner, while Virginia, having suffered from a personal loss sets out to follow her lifelong aspiration to travel the world.

There are some books that speak more than the ratings. So if you are in hurry to read a masala novel, you will be disappointed and end up feeling “this is not my taste”.
For those, who are not just seeking emotional journey but keeps their consciousness along, this book is for you.
This book requires that you do not leave your mind away and escape from reality to enter the fiction world. But this book will bring fiction closest to reality. Reality as it as, it can be disturbing, confusing, meaningful and eccentric as well.

About the Author

Pankaj, a writer by passion. He carved artistic writing piece while suffering with psychotic symptoms. The work is titled as Gulabi.
Writing for him is means of “rehabilitating the self”. Writing is intervention in his life which works along with medication and psychotherapy to reach the depth of life.
He holds a Diploma in Creative Writing.
He is working on his second novel titled as “The Mobile Phone”.
“The Mobile Phone” is a symbol for a communication between an adult and child within