Title: Matches Made in Heavenflaming son

Author: Sundari Venkatraman

Publisher: Flaming Sun

My Review

Marriages – do they happen or we make them happen? I have usually pondered over this question several times in my lifetime. Nevertheless, the fact that overpowers these presumptions is that marriages are planned in heaven and are guided by the angels. Whenever they spot a couple having a brush with their destinies; they move their magic wand and bless them with their entire valor.

These stories penned by Sundari Mam are documents that could be read as proofs of the eternal bliss coupled with timeless love. This scripture is divided into thirteen chapters. Each chapter is dedicated to two blessed souls and details about how despite all the materialistic odds they face on this earth; they finally taste the fruits of love; just because they were made in heaven. Being a mature writer and having being authored handful of books, she very well knows how to make her readers read what she has written. Today, I will not discuss about her impeccable writing and storytelling skills and all because she is a known name which needs no introduction.

I will rather focus on what you can expect and what will help you to make up your mind in making a purchase. Every single story has a romantic storyline but along with this rosy feeling she attempts to pass on a grave message which helps and guides the readers to catch the hints to identify the god-blessed love and understand that they are matches made in heaven and should be respected to all extents.

The first story touches upon a social cause of dowry. Read this story to find out how she intelligently packages the love under the silken robe made to pack the shady dowry. You will appreciate how she manages to transcend the message that if you really feel for your love do not delve into and dilute the serenity of love by accepting dowry.

The second story discusses a social taboo that has maligned not only the mindset of the people of the society but has eclipsed their thought process as well. Nevertheless, there are change makers, the messengers of god, who respect the being, the way they are born and polish them to the best possible presentation. With this story she attempts to make the readers understand that beauty is not defined by the shade of the skin rather it lies in the beautiful thoughts that are packaged under that skin.

The third story details a very common and familiar process followed especially by us – the Indians; it the concept of ‘The Arranged Match’. Our parents are more interested in entering into an arranged agreement while we being youngsters prefer arranging love in our lives! Through this story she wishes to share that we should not doubt the efforts put in by our parents. Love, if destined for us, will definitely knock our doors irrespective of its channel to enter into our lives – either through an arranged marriage or love marriage.

The fourth story titled, Red Rose Dating Agency is a vivacious story of how the love matches two hearts which despite being diametrically opposite come closer to each other. Sometimes, with the hints from the messengers of the gods as well – they can be anyone; a friend, a parent or some other well-wisher. She alerts us to catch the hints at right time.

The fifth title is ‘Chahti Hoon Tumhe’ is a bollywood style romantic movie. This story revolves around an actress who is surrounded by countless men but that special place in her heart is still waiting for the loving and caring claimant. Check out whether she will be able to cast one for her or not in her personal flick?

The sixth story is soul mates which details how the two souls can get connected without others knowing about it.

The seventh is madeinheaven.com is an edgy story where love permeates through the wired meshwork into the hearts of the love birds sitting on different consoles.

Next in line on eighth position is’ Rahat Mili’. It is about finding true love which is beyond bodily limitations.

The ninth story queued up is Reema’s Matchmakers. This is an interesting story with an innovative way of finding love. I liked this story very much because it was not driven by some protagonist rather I felt that yes, this match seems to be made in heaven!

The Reluctant Bride is a bubble story of transformation of a bride from being just a ‘friend’ to ‘wife’. I liked how Sundari mam has caught hold of the emotions and penned them. The story might put the bride in bad light but with mam’s magic and they being destined to love, she comes out as a true winner. One of my favs.

The eleventh account is Shweta ka Swayamvar which is inspired from the reality T.V. show. She has managed to put a saucy twist to just ordinary swayamvar. Again, enjoy how the heavenly forces come into play on the earth!

The twelfth story – ‘Papa’s Girl’ is the best in the lot. Daughters are very much secured under the warmth of father’s love. What happens when they look out for a safe abode outside the father’s territory? Dig this out to find how destiny plays around to make them meet and make love.

The last one is Love Match for Velan. This also comes up as an interesting add-on based on a mythological setup wherein the ‘God’ himself works to bring the love drowned birds together.

All in all, you will enjoy all the thirteen shades of love. On a naughty note, I would like to add that usually people get confused how we will get to know if love is knocking our doors. How does falling in love feel like? How does breeze start blowing as soon as we approach our love? Well, my dear friends, these thirteen stories are thirteen hints (or indicators) to calibrate your!

Come fall in love to rise above the heavens!