Title: The SeekerThe seeker

Author: Karan Bajaj

Publisher: Penguin Books India

What is life? Why are we born? Why do we die? Why do we get separated from our loved ones? What and why are we living for? Where is this life taking us? Why do we need to live this life at all? Why bear the pain, agony, angst? What is the reason of the other person’s happiness? What should I do in order to pacify my ever-questioning and not-so-cool mind? And, by-the-way – what is the purpose of housing this soul?

Questions might be endless and they might fill pages and pages but answers are ONLY FEW! Have you ever wondered, why do we always land up the cob-web of questions and answers? With every question answered; we feel as if we are further surrounded with another chain of unanswered questions, haunting us and our very being – the basis of our existence? Well, the answer is because by nature, a man (human race) is – ‘THE SEEKER’.

He – the seeker; seeks answers in his quest of knowledge. Knowledge about the purpose of life and being alive! Why do we live at all? A simple answer might be to serve others (includes mankind and every other form of life that exists in this universe) but, as we all know, it is not as easy as said. Since, times immemorial the sages, the saints and other sects of the learned people have tried and attempted to answer such kind of timeless queries in their own manners, vocabulary and language but the dearth of knowledge about this universe is so much deep that all the efforts fall short of the expectations, always. This is one more miniscule effort from an urbane modern-day man to find the cause of his existence – the story behind the existence of this mankind!

Please do not take me wrong, if I confused you with such philosophical insights. This is just a miniature hint of what all, I have acquired from the book. Just imagine what all you might learn!

With this book, the author shares his personal insights into personal enlightment. Who is god? Where does he live? Does he meet with anybody? What is his form, shape? The seeker seeks – god lies within us. If we identify ourselves some fine day, we will be able to recognize god as well. He is no-body, he has no shape – he is energy! He is a form of energy that radiates from within and transfers from one being to another. To put this in simpler words, in order to get hold of the secrets of life we need to get hold of mass of energies housing our bodies. In this book, the author shared his path of discovering, tapping and harnessing these energies that he houses within himself. He further attempts to simplify the complexities of life in a modern outlook.

There is never a set protocol to attend such books. Such kinds of works have different meanings and different implications for different people. What I might have read and understood would be drastically different from what you have perceived during your read. But the fact is, there is so much to learn and so much to comprehend in our own ways.

Readers, choose these book ONLY if you mean a serious business. There is so much to read and imbibe through and within the lines. Therefore, I request you, not to consider this to be a light-hearted read that shall pass in just couple of evenings. The book is more like a true companion which stays long by your side even after getting finished to eternity. Take your time to read and grasp before you plan to proceed further. Read it at your pace and you will not regret reading it. Ignore me and you will realize how closely you have missed the hit.

I have read much praise about the author – Karan Bajaj and it was only after completion of the book that I realized the magnetism in his writing. I had just one apprehension; with due respect to the illustrator and the designing team, the cover page could be made more alluring and inviting. It lacks the depth and gravity of the issue under discussion.

About the Book

Karan Bajaj is the #1 bestselling novelist of KEEP OFF THE GRASS (HarperCollins: 2008) and JOHNNY GONE DOWN (HarperCollins: 2010) with more than 250,000 copies of his novels in print. Both novels were optioned into films, the latter just entering pre-production and slotted for a 2016 international release. He was selected as one of the “Top 35 Under 35 Indian” by India Today and was nominated for all of India’s top literary awards—the Crossword Book of the Year, Indiaplaza Golden Quill and Teacher’s Indian Achievers Awards(Arts).

THE SEEKER, Karan’s first international novel, will be published by Penguin-Random House in India in June’ 2015 and US/world in early 2016. It was inspired by Karan’s one year spiritual sabbatical learning Yoga in a South Indian Ashram, meditating in complete silence in the Vedantic tradition in the Indian Himalayas and living as a Buddhist Monk in a Scottish monastery. Now back in New York, Karan is a certified Yoga teacher attached to the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center while working his day job as the Chief Marketing Officer of the cult mom brand, Aden and Anais.

Born in 1979 into an Army family, Karan is an engineering graduate from BIT Ranchi and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He can be reached at email@karanbajaj.com.