Title: Deliverance of SarpameruSarpa

Author: Vadassery Thaiparambil Rakesh

Publisher: Partridge India

ISBN: 9781482845273

My review

This story is a beautiful saga of ending-off of an epoch of curse on a serpent mountain!

A sacred sage lands up on a not-so-known island and starts a new progeny which then progresses to craft the fate of the island and its inhabitants under the influence of a curse!!! What is the logic behind unveiling of a Sarpa Meru, meaning a serpent mountain? What is the connection between the two and how do their destinies intertwine to raise a storm.

This story is a ‘Once Upon a Time’ kind of story. Once Upon a time, there was a sage; who wandered from the mainland to a sparsely inhabited island in search of a place where mankind could flourish and blossom. He landed there and disseminates seeds of mankind with a help of the only female from his squad. Hailing from different genes; the island witnesses different progenies trying their fate on the island. With time, the inhabitants evolve in culture, preferences, lifestyles and habits. Later on, with changing times, they progress into modern day generation which fights for power in order to control resources.

Running parallel is a story about relationship between three ladies. Starting from one the story; the plot criss-crosses into another one’s life and ultimately all the three come together to visualize the island’s future. Interesting is the fact that where do these ladies belong to and what do they have in their destinies to unlock? How this island does get affected by their histories raises an alarm and urges the readers to ponder whether religion is bigger than the actions?

Extrapolating the plot further, it extends into modern day developments where all the descendents are fighting their claims to take control over the resources scattered over the island. The idea of connecting this whole story with the Indian mainland comes almost as a sudden surprise. Though, no logical connection came into my mind, I presume that he somehow wished to touch chords with his readers by packing them in Indian robe; just might be…

With so many ideologies sprouting from one and the another one, the plot which starts as a simple and an engaging account starts becoming confusing till the last of the pages. I have read and reviewed more work from the author but, sadly, this time it didn’t work out for me. Even, the book cover has not projected it to full momentum, including a subtle color scheme. I felt as if a beautiful plot has been overdone and thus, lost its luster. The idea was fab and though, he tried to give a nice form but it didn’t turned out to be as impressive as it could have been.

To put it in simpler words, the over-doing of the ideas into one story just spoiled the broth. Had it been that he chose to bring it out in three separate sequels, it would have turned out into a better shape. This is just my opinion. Nevertheless, this sprung up because I have read his work and he is a promising story-teller and writer as well.

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About the Book

A humanist to the hilt, Rakesh likes to write fictional thrillers that carry a social message. Weary with ever increasing news reports about sectarian and racial violence, he pens “Deliverance of Sarpameru” (published by Partridge India) to portray the ills of these burning social issues.

In the book, the powerful sage Kshiprajyoti taps into his mystical abilities to raise an island in the Indian Ocean. He made it into a most beautiful place, but sectarian thinking leads to a schism that kills the peace and progress in this otherwise heavenly place. As the power struggle reaches its apex—the land ravished by violence—the story highlights how the strength of human relations can allow one to thrive against all the socially induced odds. Three strong women; Lily, Rose and Jasmine will show how humanity can win against prejudice and disharmony.

A crime thriller set against the backdrop of communal violence and political power struggles, “Deliverance of Sarpameru” portrays an intriguing mélange of mythology, history, war, espionage, action and romance in a tale that ultimately builds up into a resounding message for peace and unity. This book is Rakesh’s reminder to the reader to shed divisive thinking on the lines of race, religion, language and color.

About the Author

Vadassery Thaiparambil Rakesh was born to Mr. K.A. Menon and Mrs. Rema Menon, in a sleepy village of Kerala, amidst the greenery of paddy fields, overflowing ponds and canals, croaking of frogs and the mysticism of snake worship. He remembers the gruelling travel that he and his elder brother had to go through, to reach the only English medium school in the area, sometimes having to swim across the canals brimming with the monsoon waters.

Like most of his generation, Kapil Dev’s bouncers and Gavaskar’s straight drives made an impression in his mind. However, the financial necessity to earn a professional degree got the better of his cricketing ambitions.

He did his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the Government Engineering College, Trissur. All the graduating batches are like the exploding seedpods of Balsam. Amongst the various seeds that were dispersed to the different corners of the world, he landed in the holy land of GUjrat. Having completed his MBA in Marketing from the acclaimed Maharaja Sayajirao University, he works in Baroda for a private company.

Bitten by the world of magical realism of a Garcia Marquez, Thriller tales of a Maclean or an Archer, nationalistic fervour of a Tharoor or a Nilekani, he finally took his dive to the deep ocean of writing.

Married to Ms. NIsha Ponnoth, they have a son, Rishi.