Title: How to Memorize Anythingmemorize

Author: Aditi Singhal, Sudhir Singhal

Publisher: Random House India

ISBN: 9788184005219

My Review:

We all need to exercise our memory every single day till the time, we breathe our last breath. Sadly, many of us tend to forget either with age or with increasing work load – be it in the name of added responsibilities or limitation in grasping and endearing information that we receive from our environment.

This book comes as a life for the people who tend to forget more with more information! Yes, our memory is not at all bound with such restrictions. Rather, it’s like the more we bring it to work – the more effectively it works! Enticing enough? Read on to learn more about how this book could be beneficial for you and your loved ones as well.

Before reading my review, I request you all too, kindly read the author biographies because the content is coming from not merely experts of the field or say the skill; rather, it is coming from the people who have been practicing these skills and have earned name and recognition as well. They have reproduced the records in the last pages for information purpose.

They provide the readers with logical reasoning and explanations along with full-proof techniques in order to make most of your grey cells. The techniques are effective and easy to learn and get hold of. The format of the book is welcoming and makes it easier for the grasp and the reader imbibes all the information simultaneously. I agree that you will excel only after practicing it for quite a while but the moment you will learn or read you will start working on it, unknowingly. They have provided with examples and trial questions for the benefit of the readers.

This book comes as a recommended read for one and all because the techniques are not bound to age, profession, sex or people with varied capabilities. The help sheets at the end are very catchy and will undoubtedly help readers in catching hold of the concept in an easily understandable manner.

In addition to the recommendation above, I also recommend this book as an apt book for gifting purpose as well. So next time, you find yourself in a fix about what unique and helpful might be included in the kitty – give this book, a chance!

About the Book

Can we really memorize anything?

The answer is, ‘Yes we can!’ From Guinness World Record holders (for conducting the largest maths class on memorizing times tables till 99) Aditi Singhal and Sudhir Singhal comes a book that will serve as a manual to explore the immense power of your memory through a scientific yet simple approach. It will:

• Explain concepts with simple illustrations
• While teaching you memory techniques, it will also discuss their application in real life, like memorizing appointments, presentations, names and faces, long answers, spellings, formulae, vocabulary, foreign languages and general information
• Give the scientific interpretation of ancient memory-enhancing practices that will be particularly useful for students, teachers, professors, doctors, managers, marketing and other professionals as well as the common man

Following the unparalleled success of How to Become a Human Calculator, Aditi Singhal and Sudhir Singhal turn their hands to helping you master the right method to input any information using which you can easily memorize anything and, more important, recall it whenever required.

About the Author(s)

Aditi Singhal is an international memory trainer, author, motivational speaker, counselor, and Vedic Math Expert par excellence. She has to her credit the Guinness World Record for conducting the largest Math Class and three national records for memory and fastest calculation awarded by the LImaca Book of Records. She has also been given ‘The Best Memory Trainer’ award by the India Book of Records. Her dream to make calculations simple for all resulted in the bestselling book How to Become a Human Calculator?

Email: mvedica@gmail.com

Website: www.aditisinghal.com

Sudhir Singhal is a dynamic trainer, author, motivational speaker and counselor. He has to his credit the Guinness World Record for conducting the largest Math Class and a world record in the Limaca Book of Records. He has been a source of inspiration for many youngsters. He has over fifteen year’sexperience in different fields like technology, programming, management and education.

Email: sudhir.dmg@gmail.com