Title: The Last Ten Percent10

Author: TGC Prasad

Publisher: Penguin Books India

ISBN: 9780143421085

My Review

‘Customer’ is king! By now, every single person (at least who all are reading my post) must have come across this phrase and even have experienced this fiasco in their daily routine. But, not all of you might have experienced the hard work that goes into making and letting the customer feel one! Yes, it is ironical but is true.

Companies go length and breadth to devise strategies and innovative products in order to meet the needs and greeds of their customers. A lot of thinking goes into coming up with an impressive business plan which garners the customers’ expectations and brings profits to the organization; followed by inculcating those values into the employees and delivering the service to respective customers, while maintaining the corporate culture as well. This is a mammoth task and not all companies are capable enough to bring and join all the puzzle pieces together.

This book is a guiding light for the organizations who aspire to excel in tapping the potential in their markets and at the same time is a torch bearer to comparatively successful organizations who strive to move further and expand their market share by attracting more customer attention. Though, technically speaking, this book falls into the ‘business’ category but is equally influential to all the people who are into customer engagement, irrespective of the hierarchy.

The format of the book is an impressive one. The author starts with introducing the organizations in the light of their customer centric approach and highlights how well these have established themselves in the customer management arena. Then, he elaborates the strategies and business-model undertaken by them and further proceeds with an in-depth analysis of how their actions comply with their corporate cultures and values amongst the employees. He has supplemented the text and the explanations with elaborate tables and hints of questions, wherever he deemed useful. Such elements in this genre of books and the most effective and impressive ones and he has not fallen short of providing such educating pieces of information.

An organization will head on the path of success only if its front-line employees and those at the back end along with the management; all the acting personnel work in tandem and as a team. Where, the first part of the book attends to the nitty-gritty of the front liners the second half emphasizes on the management including the top management and the middle management as well. Usually, the customers have an impression that the employees are the one who toil hard to make an organization become a brand but the role of the management is nothing less.

Until today, I have read numerous books from the genre discussing case studies and authors providing with their perspectives on the angle chosen for handpicking certain cases. This is my first experience of reading a book which is equally useful for:

  • Organizations
  • Employees
  • Employers
  • Managers
  • Marketing Students / Trainees
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Wanna-be-entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Experts
  • Management trainees
  • Management teachers / experts
  • Inquisitive minds at work

As a book lover also, you will enjoy digging into the facts about how the management of customers work. So, next time, you will visit any retail store or avail any service you will have eye to understand and appreciate the goodness and at the same time provide feedback to the respective brand / shop. It helps.

About the Book

Only too often, we falter when it comes to completing a task properly and on time. It is the last 10 per cent that seems to elude us – and usually results in a negative customer experience.

But then some companies- Wal-mart, Starbucks, Nestle and Southwest Airlines, to name a few – are far ahead of the curve: they have customers at the heart of whatever they do.

What do these companies do that sets them apart? They genuinely believe in delivering a great customer experience; the thinking that accompanies this belief makes all the difference.

The Last Ten Percent shows us how to go that extra mile.

About the Author

  1. G. C. Prasad the bestselling author of several management and fiction books. Besides writing, he consults and advises CEOs, HR heads and senior leaders of various companies on people strategy. He also manages TGC consulting, a human resources consulting firm that offers three core services, viz. executive search, senior management coaching and strategic people advisory to global MNCs, Indian conglomerates and PE / VC funded entrepreneurial ventures across various domains such as information technology, e-commerce, health-care, pharmaceuticals, retail, manufacturing, BFSI, media and entertainment.

Note: I received this review copy from WritersMelon.