Title: A Bipolar’s JourneyBipolar

Author: Vijay Nallawala

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 9781482850512

My review

The author claims his work (on the cover page) as a journey from torment to fulfillment. Nevertheless, for the purpose of my review, I rephrase it ‘a progression of a writer to a published author’. It might intrigue you how the two statements inter-relate and for that matter of fact what he has to share with the readers in this book? It’s about his personal tryst with his destiny. Interestingly, this is a question, that we all try to answer throughout our lives.

Generally speaking, as soon as we get to learn that the person in question is distressed with some medical ailment; a feeling of sympathy (and sometimes even empathy) creeps in. Very rarely, it happens that we witness and appreciate his personal scuffle within the mental boundaries of his mind. Just imagine, what if, the mind is also having an internal tussle? Is this explanation draining your nerves? Yes, it does and I completely understand. This is author’s daring attempt in sharing his personal life incidents and making us respect the other people’s thought process and prevailing conditions.

The author shares that he is afflicted with ‘Bipolar Disorder’. This is a kind of mental limitation which he educates you with, in the various sections of the book. Wonder – why I mentioned ‘Various’ sections of the book. This is because in the first part, he educates you on an emotional perspective and in the latter sections he turns towards some technical aspects of the ailment. All-in-all, he tries to fill-up the void in enlightening the readers about not-much discussed condition but which definitely call for an attention.

He, being a Bipolar himself, has faced challenges in daily chores and have been a spectator when all his hard earned respect and repute was falling from his hands. But, he was not the one who would sit-back and sulk over the by-gone. He chose to search the better from within and with proper support structure surrounding him – he stands to make other take a stand! To sum it all, this is a motivating account for the patients and the families (including friends) alike. Simply put – Rediscover, the new you!

Read the work, to find out that what you or your known is experiencing is what happens with all and this is no-end, by any means. You just need to re-orient and re-align your energies and you will be back in action, only to move ahead! While others will get a soft hold on the emotions and get a chance to make promise to them i.e. to support the person in need with full grandeur. In the concluding section, he shares his own progress and sets an example to trust upon. With this attempt, he makes a thankful mention of one and all who had lend their support and laid faith in his capabilities.

I conclude with a popular song; which no-doubt fits the bottom line: “Jeevan Chalne ka Naam; Chalte Raho Subh Shaam”. (It means – keep treading and the rest will fall in place, by itself!).

About the Book

Stories which inspire. Stories that ignite the inner fire.

A gut-wrenching account tracing how the Author managed to get a grip on life after being afflicted by Bipolar Disorder, a serious mental illness that flung his entire world into disarray. Transcending challenges that life thre at him, he used them to grow and evolve as a person. His has been a cathartic journey and could well prove so for anybody who can identify with his travails.

Come, Let’s Walk Together.

About the Author

Vijay Nallawala is a Personal Branding Coach and Storyteller. An entrepreneur for over thirty years, he is deeply passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of the mentally ill. He interacts with his community through social media and his website: www.bipolarindia.com.

Discover his world at: www.vijaynallawala.co.in.