Title: I Will Go With YouI will

Author: Priya Kumar

Publisher: Cognite Publishers

ISBN: 978-93-83359660

My Review

What lies in future? We plan to years to come while we are never sure of what lies for us the very next moment! This is the irony of life. Usually, author either choose to ponder upon the past deeds of the protagonists or craft how the destiny turned table for them – this is my first chance to read an author’s take about what lies in the MOMENT? What goes on in the minds of the people when the destiny is playing its card and the times decide to turn evil?

The author chooses the plot where the protagonists plan to board a flight and proceed to their destination but their destiny is standing tall in front of them and their decided destinations – only to turn directions to a place; not visited and more importantly NOT PLANNED! Instead of discussing what all developments are taking place in the whole flight and with all the passengers abroad, she has very smartly chosen the passengers on a said row – row 26. Coming from different walks of life; they have different mind-sets and thus represent people with different thought-processes. This makes reading and visualizing more relating and effective as well. All the readers will find that they fall in at-least one of the categories depicted by them.

Next, she brings into the scene – the cockpit. The flight is controlled through pilots in the cabin but this flight is under the dooms clouding the mind of one of the flight’s pilot. He has different plans which are contrasting to his duties to be performed and his deeds changes the fate of all the passengers seated behind! What are his plans? What has his destiny planned for him? What is on his cards? The game and the gamble become bigger as these two scenarios come on common platform.

The story is entertaining, gripping, thrilling and full of suspense. There is no point discussing the storytelling techniques of the bestseller author. You will be treated with an enriching read! The author serves with content that will help you in peeping deep into your thought processes and pave way for personal growth. Now, this personal growth can be in terms of relationships, spiritual, materialistic or professional – just anything. Some readers might find the last part to be a bit stretched but this will be only if you decide to finish off the read in just one sitting. I propose to read it in at-least two and if possible three sittings and trust me you will be benefitted with freshness of author’s wisdom.

The main idea is to live the moment. For you never know, what beheads you? I liked reading this book. Choose this book, if you are planning for some journey. You will not get bored at all!

About the Book

I Will Go With You is a journey to the end of life and the beginning of a brand new eternity. Take your seat abroad SL502 on row 26 among four evolved souls, who through their life and living, take you through an escapade that will change the way you see your own life – forever.

The story is a fast-paced adventure abroad a flight with a pilot who has decided to end his life by committing suicide, endangering every passenger on board. Every twist and turn leaves you gasping. ON another level, the book brings you face-to-face with questions that linger in your consciousness long after you have turned the last page.

Come abroad a suspense-filled drama of life and death, woven by master storyteller Priya Kumar, as she takes you on a ride you will never forget.

About the Author

A bestselling author and a motivational speaker, Priya Kumar is the CEO of Priya Kumar’s Training Systems. Apart from inspiring corporate executives toward Peak Performance, Priya is also a life coach to CEOs and celebrities. She is the author of a number of bestselling books. Her first book ‘I Am Another You’ was an immediate success and won multiple international awards. It remains an inspirational bestseller. Her second title, ‘License to Live’ won the prestigious Eric Hoffer Book Award in 2012. Priya’s writing is both involving and inspiring.